Look up Champisonship Opponents

Hey guys,
So I won my first tournament in Championship Mode, which was super exciting. At the time, it was going so fast I couldn’t write down my opponent’s names.

Is there a way to view the tournament bracket? I’d love to know who I played, who they played, their rank, etc.

I’d love to know over the long run who my toughest opponents are and understand their strengths and weaknesses!

PS Button…“friends > players met”…


thats gonna show loads of people and could be confising. I cant remember exactly., but if you go to player data, theres an options under CE that lists all the tournaments youve been in and the players. I cant quirte remember exactly where it is, sorrr.

True. but for future reference, right after a fight the person you just fought would be on top of the list.

And the option you’re talking about is in LOBBY. where he can see who he’s beaten so far in his immediate tournament.

And no, you cannot view who your opponent has beaten.

Yeah Darth Paul understood my question. I understand that I can see who I’ve played in any game using the players met function. Thanks, Paul!