Longview T.x...GREG C.O...needs game groups

Sup all fellow texan’s…lol no I’m kidding I moved to Longview left and left a decent gamer group, Well I’m looking to make that up. I heard that there were a few groups down here, going to one Friday(met a guy named Ryan at Game Exchange) Well I don’t have a console but i have emulaters not mentioning any in particular…cause I can’t. But if anyone wants to come chill and play some fighters or invite me to a group Here’s my number 903 653 0636 my name is Tyson.

So seriously use this thread to get people involved, I can’t believe I am making this Longview thread be nice to see that Longview had a rep for gaming…but it doesn’t.

Also met a guy known as Omeaga RED, played only RYU in SF4, gonna hit his place up today around 5…Be nice to see if there was a group here in longview thats on SRK…its a shame to be a gamer and not be on SRK

Damn man. I feel bad about your situation. I know whats its like to be in a small city where no one plays streetfighter…or even anything. I’m from tyler tx, and I fucking moved here because of that shit. keep your head up, and good luck!

edit - and this is another reason why I get so upset when people diss online. no matter how laggy it is, its better than not playing anyone. But the people who diss it always says play with your friends. They have that “nintendo” mentality.

Well my father lives in Canton, Texas guys. I go there often and when I go out there I’ll let you guys know…(Tyler= 45 minutes away from Canton.)

Also you met a guy named Ryan?? Ryan Killingsworth?? Is he from Lindale? If so then he’s my cousin-in-law. :rofl: :rofl:

Well my father lives in Canton, Texas guys. I go there often and when I go out there I’ll let you guys know…(Tyler= 45 minutes away from Canton.)

Also you met a guy named Ryan?? Ryan Killingsworth?? Is he from Lindale? If so then he’s my cousin-in-law.

Lol well Maybe this is a heavier Id say mixed white and black man with glasses in longview TX looks like mid 20’s

That’s not him then, Ryan is a heavier guy but he’s not mixed.

Mid-twenties? I’m only 22, do I look that old? I need to shave this beard then! =P Sup Kyzer. Bump this thread just in case some east texas SF gamers can catch this. We game every Friday SFIV mainly and maybe deter to another game like SFA/3S/CVS2. We’re in the works of starting our own Ranbats but we’ll see how that goes eventually.

I used to live a few minutes from Longview in White Oak, but I’m in the process of moving to Texarkana, AR.

I’m still stuck in Tyler, (Hi Suavion), we have a small group that plays here, but I mostly play online these days as we all have jobs with different hours.

Hit me up on xbl for some games sometime, I’m sure they won’t be laggy.

Edit: Any of you people the same longview group Tyler used to smash in Tekken back in the day at Broadway square? :smiley:

I probably am more than likely the last remnant of that particular group.

Well I’m in Canton right now guys until Monday. After playing SNK games hardcore this past weekend I can’t say Capcom games are gonna hold my interest that long so if thats all you guys are gonna play then expect me to get bored realllllllllllllll fast.

man mike i haven’t seen you in years!! hows it going sir? this is Ron btw

With those Sexy short hops and graphics from 1996, I totally understand.

No offense, but Street Fighter is just too slow for my tastes, too basic. And oh I can’t wait until you and all these other bandwagoners jump on the bandwagon for KOFXII… Don’t come running to me because it looks pretty…


Like I say if all you guy are gonna do is play Street Fighter I’ll play for about an hour then I’m out…wayyyy too slow and boring for my tastes…


I’ve been playing Kof since about 99 (The year, not kof 99’… I started on 97’), but I kind of left it behind due to lack of competition (And back then, no online options). I also don’t really care for the newer games as much as I enjoyed 98’. I messed with 2002 um a little bit, again I don’t really care for it as much as older titles. Not sure what it is about it honestly. I prefer the CvS2 version of every KOF character to “Nest Cartel” versions.

But XII, yeah I’ll be playing that as soon as I can get my hands on it. I agree with the slow. I also don’t like that SF4 is not execution heavy (save viper), but at least people are playing it. Alot of people might I add. I came from primarily playing GG, to playing a game at least 1/2 the speed, but SF4 has done one thing for me. It’s made me go back to basics and step up the core of my game. Doing big strings from ex upper to ultra, only for it to do less damage is kind of depressing, but I digress.

When execution means next to nothing, basics decide the matches. It’s been a nice vacation from spending hours perfecting long strings, but I can’t wait to get back to big flashy shit.

It’s been going well, I’m married now and I’m teaching the next generation how to play while playing a few games here and there myself. I sent a PM your way Ron, hopefully you got some time to answer it man.

oh shit i didn’t notice that dark geese posted on here too heh. you might not remember me, but i remember you from the time I went to pepsi tony’s and we played sam sho tenka there. i must get revenge on day ha

I c dem tyla boyz up in hur.


wow alot of ppl in here, unfortinetly only one of all lives in longview (Ikaru) sup Ryan we need to get together to game, i like 1-1 gaming dont get me wrong the ranbats on friday will be great but i like to play around and just fight and online is boreing so come over next chance ya get.