Longer shaft for JLF

Is there a longer shaft than the standard one?

Normally no. I am sure a few modders have access to or know someone with access to a machine shop where shafts can be fabricated, but hose shafts are made as custom orders and in very small quantities. etokki.com does sell LS-32 and JLF Shaft Extenders.
Usually the normal length of a JLF shaft supposed to be 1 1/8" to 1 1/3" or approx 30 mm more or less. And this is my estimation and not the text book answer so other SRK members will tell you a different measurement than I would.

I want a JLF extender but wish there was a local seller for them.

Etokki’s your best shot… Compared to buying a replacement shaft ($15-$25 depending on who you buy it from and what metal it’s worked from), it’s a cheap investment. $5 gives you 13mm (1.3 cm) which should satisfy extension needs for HRAP 3’s and identical joystick mounts in licensed HRAP models like the Arcana Heart 2 joystick.

JLF CD Shaft Extender

You really should get the black extender unless you have a bare alloy JLF shaft.

One you go black, you never go back!

(Sorry… couldn’t resist.)

Yup, I just ordered one. Shipping’s gonna take a long time, but looks like it’ll be worth it! Thanks for the help fellas.

longer shaft for JLF:


Damn I just bought the extender. Is there an extended shaft cover that goes with the longer shaft?

Nope. Although some people cut custom shaft covers from the thin Crayola marker caps or other think marker cap. I made a longer white shaft cover once from the body of a Crayola marker, using some steel wool to run off the printing on the tube, and then cut to length. The Texture of the new shaft complemented the texture or Sanwa Bat tops. If your using a bat top, have the cut you made facing upwards and the bat top will hide any rough cuts on the custom shaft cover.

A little late reply but I found out that any tube that is 3/8 ID 1/2 OD will fit perfectly and is the same measurements as the regular shaft cover. I also got extended JLFs and I bought black acrylic tubing from a PC watercooling seller with those measurements and it fits perfectly. It only cost me $18 and now I have 4 24" tubes which is enough material to be shaft covers for many sticks lol.