Long Load Times

Has anyone noticed this issue? I installed on my Xbox this morning. Time between matches and more specifically time between tutorials seems excessively long for a game running on HDD. Is it just me? Insight would be appreciated.

holy shit how have you been lol?

There is an apparent bug on the 360 regarding online matches and the like that’s being ironed out, I’m not sure about load time otherwise.

Hey brother long time. I’m no longer active in the tournament scene but still play casually. I figured I’d throw support Mike Z’s way on this one.

How you been? Still shredding people in non SF games?

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glad to see you support this game :slight_smile:

It is long, and imagine what it would be like if you were playing from a USB.

Try clearing the cache on the harddrive, it might help.

Mike mentioned this in the GD thread:

But that doesn’t really say much about general programming on the Xbox. If this was some insurmountable obstacle, every XBLA game would take forever to load. Skullgirls’ team of programmers just couldn’t figure out how to make the character select screen load in less than thirty seconds, that’s all.

You make it sound like other XBLA games don’t have long load times. Look at other big XBLA titles (1gb and higher), and you’ll notice that the majority have pretty significant loads. Dead Rising: Case 0, Shadow Complex, and I Am Alive, just to name a few. When the vast majority of XBLA titles start to eliminate loading, then maybe I’ll throw a discerning glance Autumn’s way. Until then, keep up the good work, guys.

And then consider that a HD 2D game with tons of frames like this will probably need to load a lot more (textures are among the “heaviest” things)

If you have those unforgiving load times like I did I deleted the game and re-downloaded it straight to my HDD. I had it in a Pen Drive before hand and not the loading times are a bit more forgiving.

Load times are, indeed, rough. It would be nice if the tutorial had a “Next Lesson…” option.

This times six million

I’m playing form a usb because my 360 has no hard drive…

usually when the game takes a while to load for me i just press the PS button and then the game continues to load properly

Yo this game brings out the godfathers.

I pray for fix also.

I was having this problem then I deleted some stuff off my xbox 360 hard drive and redownloaded skullgirls…Now it loads way faster. Maybe that will help some of you.

i have the same problem, it takes forever to go to the character select screen and then you have to wait a lot more for the match to begin.

In online matches, when the character select screen appears the other have already selected his/her character.

The end credits also stutter at some points.

Hey Jonathan; long long time bud. How you been?

thank god there’s a rematch button