London's burning... Tottenham riots in the UK

Anti-police riots taking place in Tottenham, Enfield and further planned riots - North London (UK). The riots consisting of around 200-300 people began after a peaceful protest of around 150 individuals gathered outside the police station earlier in the day to protest at the shooting dead on Thursday night (4th August, 2011) of 29-year-old Mark Duggan, during a Trident operation in Tottenham Hale.

The story is the poilce got tipped off that the guy, that was shot was on his way to get revenge for a friends/family members death. When he was stopped he brought out a weapon and died in a gun exchange…

These ghetto hoodlum scum then started to fuck shit up… burning peoples houses, businesses,looting etc. England is way too soft… :mad: btw I grew up in this area and I know it very well. I also have friends and family in that area.



I live in Wood Green, it’s not just Tottenham, it’s spread as far as Croydon, Brixton, Walthamstow and Enfield as opportunists now have taken this as an excuse to just loot local stores and engage in skirmishes with riot police. There were reports of regular joes being attacked under the excuse that they looked like undercovers. This country is populated by assholes and you’re right, the police are too soft, these chav fucks should be eating police batton and tear gas.

Wow… yet another good reason to live oop north.

I moved out of Croydon when I was 8, 1986. Lived in Manchester (mostly) since. I never feel like going back.

I hear you. I hate London and there’s always another reason to make me want to leave.

Had family that used to live in that area, they moved about 5 years ago because the place was turning to shit. What I don’t understand is that these people that started the riots are the same people that if they knew of person got gunned down they wouldn’t say shit to the police (no snitching), but if a person shots at a cop and gets killed they riot.

Someone posted a pic on Twitter with someone stealing a trolley full of weaves.

So hood.

So shameful.

Hah! Wow. I saw a different one with loads of cocoa butter, I mean wtf?

I guess someone has really dry skin out there… or starting up an ebay business…

That’s because they really don’t care about any cause or for any ‘justice’, they just use it as an excuse to loot and pilliage. The people involved in the riots now, no longer have any relation to the original protests, it’s just turned into a free-for-all.

i’d like to make a honest comment but i feel ill just offend too many people even though thats not my intentions. so ill leave it

I was there yesterday… i saw one guy carrying three 40inch flat screen tv’s, lol. I’m sure there’ll be another riot tonight.

You bring out a weapon against police and you will die.

you say riot, i say free shit

Jamaicans are fucking nuts. Most of the people looting didnt even know who that wannabe gangster was.

the whole of England sucks in general. I’ve been thinking about getting the hell out of here for the past 8 years.

Head for Canada, not the U.S with the economic downturn and all that good shit imo…

Right now is anytime but the best time to move…

Canada’s my first choice. If that doesnt work out then its possibly australia.

link please :rofl:

wow now shit is happening in Hackney and peckham… where tha fuck are the water cannons and tear gas??!

^Mr Cocoa Butter…in his tribute I present this: