London Philharmonic to release album containing various video game music in Nov. 8

The Tracklist, along with a YT link to here the track

  1. Advent Rising: Muse (Composed by Tommy Tallarico, Emmanuel Fratianni, and Laurie Robinson)

  2. Legend of Zelda: Suite (Composed by Koji Kondo) [Take your pick, lol)

  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Theme (Composed by Hans Zimmer)

  4. Angry Birds: Main Theme (Composed by Ari Pulkkinen)

  5. Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali (Composed by Nobuo Uematsu)

  6. Super Mario Bros. Theme (Composed by Mahito Yokota and Koji Kondo)
    Just listen to them

  7. Uncharted - Drake’s Fortune: Nate’s Theme (Composed by Greg Edmonson)

  8. Grand Theft Auto IV: Soviet Connection (Composed by Michael Hunter)

  9. World of Warcraft: Seasons of War (Composed by Jason Hayes)

  10. Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Liberty Theme (Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams)

  11. Tetris: Theme (Composed by Alexey Pajitnov)

  12. Battlefield 2: Theme (Composed by Joel Eriksson)

  13. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (Composed by Jeremy Soule)

  14. Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare: Main Menu Theme (Composed by Stephen Barton and Harry Gregson-Williams)

  15. Mass Effect: Suicide Mission (Composed by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick)

  16. Splinter Cell: Conviction (Composed by Michael Nielsen, Kaveh Cohen, and Amon Tobin)

  17. Final Fantasy: Main Theme (Composed by Nobuo Uematsu)

  18. BioShock: The Ocean on his Shoulders (Composed by Garry Schyman)

  19. Halo 3: One Final Effort (Composed by Martin O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori)

  20. Fallout 3: Theme (Composed by Inon Zur)

  21. Super Mario Bros.: Gusty Garden Galaxy (Composed by Koji Kondo)

Hmm not bad although I’m not familiar with around half of them lol.

Should be good, but I’m pretty fed up of hearing Super Mario

Lots of shitty video games (or “shiteo games” if you prefer) on this list. Video game music worth replicating in rock and/or orchestral formats pretty much stopped 15 years ago.

…Angry Birds? seriously…Angry Birds? Really? Lemme youtube some of this real quick.


</Obligatory Post>

I’d feel pretty annoyed if I spent all these years studying and practicing music to get into the London Phil, only to be stuck playing a bunch of 2nd rate movie scores.

Half the list is GDLKE and the other half is WTF are they thinking.

Eh the inclusion of some games is most likely to attract the casual gaming crowd, I’ll link to those music tracks if they’re on YT for those that hadn’t listened to them before.

I doubt the London Phil knows or cares about the distinction between casual and hardcore/whatever you wanna call it

Maybe, but why include this theme anyway-

The only reason people care about these songs are because they associate them with games they like. How many people do you think who have never played Call of Duty will listen to either of the 2 COD tracks on this CD and think “damn this track is bumpin!” Mad people play Angry Birds so why not?

Some games have legitimately decent music. I just don’t see many of them here.

Howard Drossin composed the shit out of Sonic & Knuckles.

Surprised Crysis didn’t make the list, they even had Zimmer drop a track in that game aswell lol

Sheeeit, this reminds me of how much I’ve missed out on… there are a LOT of “everyone’s played that” games on this list that I’ve never played… I’m still at the first part of the first Mass Effect game, and I have absolutely no interest in Angry Birds.

Liberi Fatali is one of my favorite pieces of gaming music though…and I don’t even like any of the Final Fantasy games.

Recent greats, imo–> “Brothers in Blood” from God of War 3, most of the Bioshock (part 1) music, and the title screen music from Gears of War 2 (+ “Insurmountable Odds” …awesome stuff there. EAR-DELICIOUS™)

Yeah, Angry Birds was a bad choice, but the composer is ridiculously good. Better choices from his work would have been this, this, or this (bad quality), among several others.

Ari Pulkkinen is among the top 5 game composers of this generation, imo. His stuff is so fresh compared to what other composers are doing these days.

Also, this should have been a mandatory addition. Awe-inspiring:




God of War has always had some epic powerful stuff going on in the games. The drums and the chorus sound so good.

Gears has some great music while the action is going on in much the same way as God of War does.

Gears of War 3 - Gears Keep Turning

I’m still trying to find that one track in gears that goes something along the lines of ‘WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP…twiddly dee twiddly dee!’ . I can’t remember if it’s from Gears 1 or Gears 2. I might be able to find it tonight.

I’m listening to the tracks you put up…yeah he’s far better than that. I listened to Angry Birds last night and it wasn’t bad as I was expecting it to be but among some of the stuff that’s listed and then what I’m listening to now, it’s definitely a poor choice.


Ahhh that track was kind of in both. The first one which was the one i was thinking more about was done by Kevin Reipl and the second one was reimagined by Steve Jablonsky.

Wow. I must say - some of those are really poor choices of video game music for an orchestral rendition.

Where are the Castlevania tracks? Soul Calibur 1? Chrono Trigger/Cross? And these are not the “greatest video game musics.”

They did put the MGS2 theme in as well as the main FF theme. Nice inclusions.