London Arcades?


All you beans-for-breakfast munchers!

I am spending the week of may 1st in London and I am wanting to take the chance to enjoy SFIV in its natural environment. So, anyone can tell me where the best tourist friendly arcades which have AE cabinets are located? There are still arcades in London aren’t there?

I know there is a regional match making forum as well but I thought I ask here first for Franys being the only welsh in the village (and travels to London IIRC).

I hope for some pro-tips, thanks :slight_smile:

Make sure you have ID on you. Up in Piccadilly Circus, there’s Casino arcade. They have AE, Blazblue, Tekken 6, 3s and a few others.

You really need to hop down to the Heart of Gaming. It’s a new arcade and has loads going on.
25-26 The Service Road
Potters Bar

Best way to get here is to take a fast train from Finsbury Park to Potters Bar, travel time is 9 minutes. Then it’s 1 minute walk to the venue.

It’s east-end of London. They bought out all of Trocadero’s gear when they shut their doors. That was a sad day. So many fond CvS2 and Vanilla SFIV memories.

EDIT: OH! However, if you’re there a while and around for a Thursday, I believe. You’ll have to double check on Neo Empire.
There’s WinnerStaysOn. It’s in Trocadero Gamerbase, starts at around 6pm. It’s like, a 2 minute walk from Casino arcade.
I do recommend Piccadilly Circus. Since it’s where everything is, sans Heart.

Perfect! That was exactly the answer I hoped I would get.

Thanks a lot, I will post my experience here after my trip.

Oh and if you’re going to Gamerbase/heart. Make sure you take a stick or whatever with you XD

So been back a couple of days and sadly, no SSFIV for me. Went to Piccadilly and the G-Casino there had no video games, only electronic fruit machines. The employee there directed me to the “game zone” 50m around the block. The were a lot of cabs but no one younger that 10 years, except a single lonesome Tekken 6 Cab (no Bloodline Rebellion) in the basement, surrounded by pool tables. Of course we were the only ones there.

Later, we went to Trocadero Gamerbase but as you mentioned there weren’t any SFIV cabs left. Without my arcade stick, I did not go to Neo Empire of took the train to the heart of gaming.

Sad to say the Arcade Highlight might have been the 50p Tekken 5 cab at London Lutton Airport - if it wasn’t down :confused:

Gah that sucks =( You mean Casino’s lost all of it’s cabs too? When I last went up there (It was over a year ago though) they still had BB, 3s, AE and T6.

You must visit Goodge Street! There’s an arcade as you walk down the road, it has all the Capcom games like AE and SF2. I believe that you turn left and stay on the same road, from there you’ll see a casino which contains all those games.


That is how it looks, but I’m having trouble trying to find the address.

If we are talking about the same Casino. I went to G-Casino, located in 3-4 Coventry Street, London. Directly besides Trocadero.

Damn too late, maybe next year - if by then there are still Arcades left :frowning:

True. :frowning:
I really hope that one doesn’t close down. As it contains all the classics.

It was Casino on Googe Street. It’s down the road from Troc, like, at the entrance of China Town almost.
Next time you really need to take your stick and go to Heart of Gaming =(

ituitive you from london?

Casino Arcade is about 15 min walk from Piccadilly Circus. Its not in Piccadilly Circus but on Goodge street, Northern Line.

Not exactly easy to stumble upon if you don’t know the area so just get the underground instead.

I recommend the HMV gamerbase competition starts around 6.30pm+ on Tuesdays (SF4) / Thursday (UMvC) only - that is in Piccadilly Circus.
Price £4 with stick and £7 if you dont have a stick.

Too little, too late… next year :confused:

So, I’m going to travel from Germany to London(25th to 31th July) and I want to know where exactly I can go to play some MVC, SFXT, SG, AE.
Traveled to London several times already but I’ve only been in Gamer Base in Trocadero so far. What about the Casino Arcade? Is competition still there?

the casino is dead you’ll be lucky to find people passing through, Gamberbase is our home now in troc so its the place to be for fighting games best days to come are the winnerstayson days on tuesdays other than that you’d have to be alerted a session is going on but all games get played

Just dropping by as an outsider to confirm that yeah, Casino is mostly dead these days :s There’s still a decent selection of games, but questionable sticks and hardly anybody these days. I did see a few good Vegas down there over the last few months, though, funnily enough…

Man, I had no idea there was a London scene. I assumed after trocadero sold its machines, the scene was dead. Is there like a weekly thing?

I’m not in London but as far as I know there are meetups at “The Heart of Gaming”, an arcade that just opened recently. You can find the page for it on Facebook.

Hi guys, just found this thread.
In Central London there is “Las Vegas” arcade in Wardour Street.
It’s actually just up the road from “Game Zone” (3 minutes).
Street Fighter IV:AE, Tekken 6 BR and Virtua Fighter 5 in the basement.

I’ll start to hold bi-monthly Street Fighter meetups and just started a group; FGC at LV Soho.

Also the Facebook page is here;