LoL. Most Racist Commercial



lol “even we would buy it”

Somebody needs to go to the store and ask him what the hell he was smoking, and or drinking when he thought this would be a good commercial.


I really lol’d at the commercial, was this ever aired? xD

hahaahahah dude he said he’ll kick a dog and punch a kitten just for us. this man is that dedicated.

O_o …

Oh, lawd. That was really funny.

thats 10 min away from me. i should see if its him

Go go go.

I lol’d


kick a puppy and punch a kitten

Pretty sure it’s a fake commercial for lulz.

That’s the guy on the first season of Flight of the Conchords it’s Brets boss from the sign holding job he had. I wonder if he does stand up or something.

This was a related video:


that just completly freakin wrong but yet too funny not to laugh at! lol

I honestly did not see anything wrong with this commercial. I would not mind purchasing a quality mattress from him.

“I’ll punch a puppy and kick a kitten.”

I LOL’d.

I thought I recognised him from somewhere :lol: