LoL (League of Legends) thread *UPDATED 12/10/2009*

Alrighty… as of Oct. 27th, the game has now gone live. For those that have been on the fence about whether they wanted to buy this game or not, DO NOT FEAR!!!**

It’s free to play. **

So visit the site now and download the game.

Feel free to discuss strategies and shit about the game. I just ask that you do not turn this into a HoN vs DotA vs LoL thread.

By the way, in order to get our SRK players connected, post up your user names and I’ll update the list. Thanks.

List of users: (SRK acc / LoL acc)
fobi0 / SPRSXY
-=KOH=- / licebeam
I Am Lothar / preptime
Hermit_Naii / Epityr
Nell / Nell
J-Jeezy / Negaduck
kittybatriv / kittybat
SimpleKiss / trickycat
wez / 0wez0
forgenjuro / forgenjuro
FoldoutChair / MoeRapples
Porr / Porr

I’m in the beta.
The game still requires a lot of balance.
There are so many bitches in the game that complain about everything that I believe they forgot what it means to be in a beta test.
The rune and mastery system still needs work.
Some items are really good and should always be an item the player gets, some items never get used.

I wouldn’t mind one. I’ve wanted to try LoL. Thanks.

So… that’s what LOL means. Hmm…

plz pm me a beta invite :slight_smile: i’d also like one.

yeah some items are just essential for certain heroes, and they need to buff a lot of heroes. also i think master yi is broken as hell and soka needs a huge buff.

IMO, Yi only becomes broken end game, and that’s if he gets beefy.

Jax on the other hand, stack dodge and you can tower dive for free and easily kill 3 opponents in staggered formation.

Since we’re on the the topic of essential items, what are your guys’ choice on the items?

For Pirate, aside from crit items, Sheen is a must as it’s proc (apply 100% base damage on next attack after casting a spell/3 sec cooldown) is actually applied before his Parrrley hits.

Ex: Lv5 Parrrley (100 damage) + base atk 120 + Sheen proc (120 base) = 340 as opposed to 220 without it. Critting only further increases it’s damage potential.

Man I’ll take a key if you’re passing them out and no one wants em

I agree about the item system, there are too many items that you would just never get. I don’t agree that the game “requires a lot of balance”, they are doing a good job with balance. The fact that its nearly impossible to win 4v5 unless the other team is completely clueless is, in my opinion, proof of how well the game actually is balanced. They did add a few heroes that were brokenas hell at first (Kassadin for example), but they were quick about patching them. They do take alot of feedback from the community and I think they have done a hell of a job on this game. I also have 3 invites, I think, if anyone needs one I’ll be happy to toss them around.

Hi guys, I’m devoted DotA player from Czech Republic (EU) and I would really appreciate if one of you could hand me a LoL beta key.
Me and my clan members also play Demigod (which kinda disappointed me) and Heroes of Newerth (which is real cool, but it’s nothing new at all) and we already have some betatesting experience in other (czech) game projects. So I think I could really contribute to betatesting of LoL by providing solid feedback.
I just hope you don’t mind I created my account here right now, but be assured, that I will post all my observations and opinions as soon as I have the opportunity to get some.
KuMuLuS [Ma*Sucker Crew]

If anyone has any beta keys left, I’d like one.

Also, if no one knows yet, the game will totally be free.

There will be some pay stuff but it goes somewhat along the lines of cosmetic changes. Nothing that will tip the scale into one’s favor if they decided to go wild and spend a shit load of money.

Also for those in the beta, if you got invites and people come in here asking for invites, let me know so I can make a list of people who got them, and who are requesting. That way we don’t send doubles.

I have one to give.

Can I have a key?

lol made an account on SRK just to post this

What’s needed to play this? A disc prior to it? If the answer is: NO then I’m interested in a key.

A beta key is all you need to play.

And when it’s released, just download it.

I would like a beta key :lovin:

I hate to ask, but does anyone have another key available? I’ve got a friend that’s digging to play this.

It would be much appreciated… and I’d give you my utmost respect and a rep… :slight_smile:

One of my best friends works for them down in Culver City.

Open beta starts 3rd week of September so those who can’t get in now will be able to play soon.