LOL, just heard on the WNF Stream

“Yeah, I heard that guy, Alioune Sensei is gonna be there…”
“Yeah man, he’s gonna fuck people’s shit up.”


Am I the only one who thinks he is going to get completely blown up?

Never heard of him.

He’s going to be blown up

  • Long history of being a choker
  • Rarely goes out to big international tourneys (or is this his first?)
  • First round is against Ricky, if he wins second round is against Fuudo
  • Cammy isn’t a character that can surprise that many people
  • Comes from Europe, which is more free than Canada

He’s a member of Team Nah.

Elder doesn’t give a damn about where he’s from.

His matches will define him.

Hahahahaha :rofl:

Don’t know why that shit was so funny to me but w/e.