Logitech G9 - Ryu

I ordered a custom stick recently. What better way to celebrate than a matching mouse? Anyways here is my Logitech G9 with custom grip. If any of you have some awesome G9’s, or some cool ideas for one feel free to share.



It’s hard to see but the SRK logo is actually located very lightly in the upper right corner. It looks great in person but sadly my camera doesn’t do it justice. I can barely see the SRK in the photo above.



looks great, but i think you should have your eyes checked cause the SRK logo is very distinguishable.

You are 100% correct. I’m looking at it on my LCD tv so the quality isnt as on par as a monitor. I moved the window over and I see it clearly.

Now you need a custom $3 mousepad.

It’s funny because I have one with the exact same image you used for your mouse on it.

I should get the entire image on the mouse pad. Then I can rest the mouse in the correct spot when I’m not using it. Haha

I was going to get a custom grip for the g9, but I love the wide grip too much to do that.

BTW this middle button is stiff as hell :frowning:

If I had one complaint that is what it would be. You get used to it though

I don’t even have a G9 and I want one

wow, thats awesome. wish they had those for the copperhead.