Lodi Norcal Downtown Throwdown #4 SSFIV 01/30/2011

Lodi Norcal Downtown Throwdown #4 SSFIV 01/30/2011
We are done taking a break from the scene and are back and ready for some action!

It will be the same typical set up 4-6 non lag crt t.v’s. It will be played on the XBOX and we will provide some extra controllers and sticks just in case. Standard tournament rules best out of 3 matches double elimination. Sign in will start as early as 10am and end around 3pm no later! So if you are late we wont be able to add you.

The Venue will be provided by Alan Chan @
Comic Grapevine
9 W Pine St
Lodi, CA 95240
(209) 368-1096

Entry fee is 10 dollars. $2 will be taken out of every entry to give to the venue. The cash pot will be split 70/20/10. Last tournament was amazing and we are hoping for another great turnout. The venue last time got a little cramped but seating will b provided and free water as well. We are expecting 45 entrants again so lets get hype and have a blast. Here are the winners and the pot from the last tournament.

We have added a SSFIV team tournament and the CVS2 to the line up. If you are interested in either of these tournaments they will be starting at 12pm promptly. The entry fee for the team tournament will be $5 a person and the CVS2 will be $5-$10 a person dictated by the actual participants and how much prize $ they want. Due to these being side tournaments they have to start on time and promptly so the main event can be ran smoothly and on time. So anyone that is late will unfortunately not be able to be added.

This will be the last tournament at this venue! The next one will be at a larger venue either Woodbridge Pizza in Lodi or another possible venue in the works. Both with more than enough room and both with air! Thanks for your support and spread the word!

Get Hype!

P.S last minute add apparently we are gunna run singles TvC starting at 12 pm. B there on time or you cant get in.

Awwww shit

LOL Damn RIght!

I might get down.

yo whats good with that cvs2 side tourney??? or at least tvc

i guess ima start playin super 4 again cause of that prize money…wtf $247 damn thats ridiculous

I hope I can make it.

I wouldnt mind throwing a side tournament like tvc or cvs2 but it would have to start at like 12pm and no later.

could yall run cvs2 and tvc side tournies early on? and ill help yall with the brackets

if not than just run cvs2 cause its that games turn anyways

Im going to try and run cvs2 on the side but we only have 1 copy of the ps2 version. If anyone wants to bring an extra copy of the game we can run two set ups.

OK! So we’re almost back. 2010 is coming to an end and I’d like to say we had a very successful first year. We couldn’t have done it without all of the help of those who attended our venue but we’re not done yet!

In 2011 we’re kicking off our event once again. January signals the start of the season with Downtown Throwdown #4. The forum is open to suggestions and we’re always listening. However, due to budget constraints we were unable to secure a larger hall for our venue

It looks like our side tournament(s) are down to TvC and CvS2. Starting in March we’ll have MvC3 added to the line up. Let’s make year #2 as much of success as year 1.

I’d also like to add that this season’s run will end in October, 2011. Tournaments are expected to run as follows, on the last Sundays of January, March, May, July, and September.

The last Sunday of October we will hold our closing tournament for the 2011 season, aka the finals for the Downtown Throwdown. It should be our biggest event!

Just a quick bump There will be a team tournament starting at 12pm registration starts at 11am. The same will go for CvS2 if you want to enter either tournaments be there on time, b/c we need to be done in time for the Singles SSFIV tournament. There will be 2-3 setups for each tournament if anyone has an extra copy of CvS2 please bring it we only have 1 copy. The tournament for CvS2 is double elimination best 2/3 matches. The team tournament will single/double elimination depending on turnout for time managing purposes. We cannot supply sticks for ps2 so please bring your own controllers and sticks. Thanks and I hope for a good tournout.

Just another bumpdate… lol not many views I hope everyone didnt give up on us.

No. We throw sick tourneys. you cant give up on that lol. especially now that we got a evo monitor

We will be partnering with a pizza place with a ton of room. So you have food, drink, gaming, and air all in 1!

So I’m interested in making it to this, would it be okay if I brought a couple guests with me?

Ill be around for cvs2.

I’ll be repeating myself, so here goes:

Just to reconfirm, we only have 1 CvS set up on PS2.
Be sure to bring your own PS2 fighting pad or stick.
The side tournament will be run on a standard CRT set up.

Same rules apply for TvC, except it will be on the Wii.
Bring your own Wii fight stick or Gamecube controller.
This will also be run on a standard CRT set up.

Starting in March (Throwdown #2 of 2011) we’ll have MvC3 as part of the venue.

Guests are welcome, if any participant has a guest or guests they would like to bring that’s OK.
There’s no cost to attend, the only money that is exchanged is for the tournament itself.
Showing up and watching the tournament is free.

Lol I wasnt aware of a TvC tournament but what the hell y not. If you want to enter show up at 12 sharp, no later.

I forgot to clarify one thing:TvC is for casuals, no offical tournament. However, players can engage in money matches.

if i can get people to show up, then can i turn that into a TvC side tourney?