Lock On! - The Cammy Video Thread

Let’s see some of that SFxT Cammy action!

I’m learning her on point with Poison as anchor and I want to see how others play her. I doubt I’ll switch this around since Cammy has great movement and speed and there are alot of wins by time out so I can let Poison just lame it out on a life lead.


I posted this in the Juri forums, for those interested in the Cammy/Juri team I recorded a few BNBs… Also has the HK/MK SA juggle ender mix-ups that where discussed in the other thread.

Here’s an archive of my stream last night, using cammy/gief.

After some 200 ranked matches in SFxT I still can’t even get up to 3000 BP. I hardly even feel like putting in the disk anymore.


Man I <3 Cannon Spike. Vega really needs a partner with a good anti-air like that. LK has great priority and HK deals sooo much damage. I play a very simple game but my reactions and defense get me far.


Couple of matches around hitting rank B.





I like the commentary, Flowers! Next time I’ll try and do the same thing : )


You’ve got really good control in your matches :slight_smile:
Awesome mix ups and baits aswell.

Thought this vid was pretty awesome


Edit: btw these combos are actually doing pretty massive damage, but the Rufus/Gief has defense gems.

Might as well toss some in.

*live in Korea atm, so all my gear is back home (including my stick) so excuse the quality and pad play xD

oh and I don’t normally play rufus with cammy, but I can’t do combos online with pad >.< so rufus-easy-mode ftw


Several of my matches against an Asuka/Cammy team.



Chun-Li/Cammy team video by yours truly. Emphasis on Chun-Li, but the tag-team shenanigans they have are pretty sweet.

I made a compilation of my Cammy during Pandora. It’s already been posted in the Pandora tech finding thread. Since it features my main Cammy I figured I could post it here too. Cammy can do some sick damage in Pandora.


An online ranked match featuring Cammy and Xiaoyu as a team, although it’s Xiaoyu who did most of the legwork (no pun intended) throughout the match.


I am glad many people enjoyed my Lili tutorial so I ended up making one for my other character Cammy. Combos and everything in the video are included in the word document along with additional notes and some ideas and examples for mix-ups.

Word Document with combos link is in the video description.


But I honestly don’t see the synergy in this team composition. Cammy is a good point character. Going from Cammy to any of the cast is not a problem… This works pretty well. However, going the other way around is when u have to worry about synergy. Switching back to cammy. Going from lili to cammy is kinda iffy.

Maximizing damage in the process, maximizing corner combos, aa combos… +having a strong ground game.

Cammy/xiaoyu is the winning formula as of now. Both characters work well together.

Nice vid bro! Should definitely help out the folks just getting into Cammy. Never realized they had so many different mixes of that theme though >.<.

Not a match video, but a music video…