Locations of Arcades

I just wanna start a list of places where arcades are located at. I’d appreciate if people would start posting the name of the arcade and if possible the adress of the arcade, city, and zip code, so people won’t have to look around too much.

Please, no spamming in this thread, it will be deleted, thanks.

Orbit Entertainment Center
4300 Steeles Ave E (2nd Floor, Unit F39)
Markham, Ontario
Canada, L3R 0Y5
(905) 415-3378

The Games Skybox
Erin Mills Town Centre
5100 Erin Mills Parkway,
Mississauga, Ontario

Smiles - Milford

What’s Your Game? - Bridgeport, Ct

F.Y.E. - in the mall, Waterburry and Trumbull, Ct

Time Out - in the mall in Milford, Ct

Ocean Beach Arcade. New London,CT(only open during the summer)

Jesters Game Land. Waterford, CT Inside the crystal mall

Game World- Backus Ave., Danbury, Ct

Time-Out (Namco) -Forestville, MD

Plaza Arcade -Greenbelt, MD

Pocket Change -Waldorf, MD

Virtual Fun -Towson Mall, Towson

Tilt - White Marsh Mall, White March

Good Times Emporium - Somerville

M.I.T. - Cambidge, MA

Game Zone - 87 laffayete St. Salem MA, 01970

Cyberstation - Berkshire Mall, Pittsfield/Lanesboro, Massachusetts, 10201

New Jersey
Eight on the Break -261-266 North Avenue, Dunellen, NJ, 08812 (732) 752-8800

New York
Chinatown Fair - 8 Mott St, Manhattan,

Leisuretime Bowling - Port Authority, NYC, 2nd floor-south wing

Flushing Mall - -2nd floor, outside internet cafe

Ithaca, NY - AIM me at mistergeJJ heh, i’ll see what we can do.

Palisades Mall- Palisades Center Drive, West Nyack, NY

Nathans- Central Ave. , Yonkers, NY

Peter Pan Games, 26th ave & bell blvd, Baydside, NY

University Pinball - Philadelphia

Rhode Island
Tilt -Warwick Mall
257 Main St.
Woonsocket, RI 02895


Fun N Games

Tilt, at Southpark Mall in Colonial Heights, Virginia

Ballston Mall 3rd floor
Arlington, VA
-has mvc2, mvc1, tekken 5, cvs1

Some Arcade with halo
Landmark Mall 3rd floor
Alexandria, VA

AMF Western Branch Lanes

North Carolina
North Carolina isn’t technicaly part or the North East Region, but I’ll included in here also

AMF Bowling
Durham, NC
4508 Chapel Hill Boulevard

I ask because it’s a lan center not a arcade. I didnt see any rules in your post so I decided I’ll ask you.

link: http://www.gamelandonline.com/

Game LAN’d is near the UNCC campus. If you are coming from the raliegh area you will take I-85 to exit 48, which is I-485, to exit 33, which is US-49. At the exit ramp light you will take a right onto US-49 and go 0.8 miles. On the left you will see University Plaza strip mall, a Shell station, and an Arby’s. Game LAN’d is located behind the Shell Station, on the 2nd floor.

If you are trying to reach Game LAN’d from south of Charlotte, you will take I-77 to exit 13A, which is I-85 towards Greensboro. You will take Exit 42 which is US-29/49. US-49 splits off to the right, follow US-49 for 2.5 miles. You will pass the UNCC campus on your left. After you pass the UNCC campus, Game LAN’d will be on your right.

Well as far arcades that I know of Pryde pretty much named the ones I know but I’ll try to see if I can name a few more…

Time-Out (Namco)____________ Forestville, MD

Plaza Arcade______________Greenbelt, MD

Pocket Change______________Waldorf, MD

Oh yeah, Gametime Family Fun Center is actually in Alexandria, VA (for a limited time:( )

Well like I said Pryde named the ones i knew so hopefully someone can add more. Theres not very North Atlantic Arcades better than the ones Pryde mentioned .

Southern Va

-Fun N Games

-Putt Putt Norfolk/Newport News

-AMF Western Branch Lanes


For MD theres The arcade at the Towson mall in Towson,MD.Its called virtual fun.And theres a tilt at White marsh mall in white marsh.

Unfortunately, VCU break Point will be the best arcade in VA after GT shuts down.

VCU Break Point (In the University Student Commons)
Richmond, VA

Plaza Arcade -Greenbelt, MD


Located in BELTWAY PLAZA in Greenbelt MD. Our stomping ground has the following games;

CvS 2


MvC 2






Majority of the competition you will find is on CvS 2. Our veterans are (when i get last names i will post them):


Anthony “KOOPSTA”—> cgroove ----> (Guile / Athena )

Marc P ----> ngroove—>(??? he is versitle)

Eln “ALEX” ----->c or ngroove —>(Blanka/Mai)

Drew------>c groove----> (Blanka / Kim)

Robert -----> kgroove ----> ( Blanka/ Benimaru)

Lei -------->c or ngroove ---->( Bison / Rugal)

Charles -----> c groove ----> (Cammy)

Jae----->c groove -----> ( Balrog / Ryo )

Yam -----> tekken 4 ----> (Paul)

John?? ----> tekken 4 ---->(??? versitile)

Chris -----> tekken tag —>( nina / jin )

These are not all until I get names and listings correct.

Our location consist of a MALL. So you get everything within your grasp ; restaurants, FEMALES, movies, clothing stores, FEMALES, grocery stores. 

    Majority of the time you can catch us ALL there is during a Friday night or MAYBE  a saturday night. But most definitly when a GOOD new movie has came out when or close to holiday time, in other words when we can work a crowd:lol: 


For more info feel free to holla at me…numbers located below.


West Nyack, NY(basically NJ, 10 min from the border)
Palisades Center Mall - 4th floor next to Target

It’s one of the top ten largest malls in the country…
it’s not hard to find…

Fun N Games - Willowbrook Mall Wayne, NJ

Sportsworld - Route 17 North Paramus, NJ

8 at Break - Dunellen, NJ

Ocean Beach Arcade. New London,CT(only open during the summer)

Jesters Game Land. Waterford, CT Inside the crystal mall

What’s Your Game? - Bridgeport, Ct
F.Y.E. - in the mall, Waterburry and Trumbull, Ct
Smiles, - Milford, Ct
Time Out - in the mall in Milford, Ct
some fuckin arcade in Danbury, Ct
Seaside Amusements - Delpino’s crib lol

oh yeah, thanx for changing the name of the thread stephen:bluu: , your still my bitch =

Eight on the Break
261-266 North Avenue
Dunellen, NJ 08812
(732) 752-8800

Palisades Mall- palisades cntr drive,west nyack, ny

Nathans- central ave,yonkers,ny

Game World- backus ave, danbury, ct

probably the only Arcade in PA beside University Pinball

Name: Playland
Location: College Ave. State College, PA (Penn State University)
Games: CVS1, CVS2, MVC1, MVC2, S.Calibur 1&2, Guity Gear X, Street Fight III, 3rd Strike, KOF 98 (i think), Tekken 4, Tekken Tag

My thoughts: 50,000 students in Penn State, but only like 10 actually play CVS2. How pathetic. It’s a big arcade with tons of games, somebody please, I mean really, please start holding tournaments there.


350 E College Ave, State College, PA 16801
Phone: (814) 238-9300

Click For Yahoo Map

Where the heck did you get 10 players for cvs2? I go there every friday night and we get at most 5.

CVS2 = 5
MVC2 = zero
KOF98 = zilch
3rd Strike = 4
Tekken 4 = 3
Tekken Tag = nil
MVC1 = FMJ only
CVS1 = less than 1
Guity Gear X = 0
S.Calibur 1 = nought
S.Calibur 2 = 6
Virtural Fighter 3 = none
Alpha3 = zip
SF3:2ndImpact = neg.

All the above listed games are .25 cents to start and continue.

hey hey, put me down for MvC1!!!, you also forgot A3 and 2i, how could you forget A3!!

my home arcade:

Time Out-Silver Spring, City Place mall
8661 Colesville Road

MvC2, Tekken, 3rd strike, SC2 an’ DDR

Peter Pan Games
26th ave & bell blvd
Baydside, NY

Well, we used to have 2 here, but we’re down to one now, since 1 of our arcades turned into a pool hall, and has maybe 7-8 games at most.

The one we have left.

Cyberstation at Berkshire Mall
Pittsfield/Lanesboro, Massachusetts

We don’t have that many games either, only fighters we have are MVC1, Tekken 4, and Soul Calibur 2.

But the controls are always in top condition.

Baltimore Aladdin’s Castle
Eastpoint Mall
Baltimore, MD 21224

Forestville Time Out
Forest Village Park
Forestville, MD 20747

Hagerstown Pocket Change
Valley Mall
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Silver Spring Time Out
City Place Mall
Silver Spring, MD 20910

if there are already on the page my bad but these are the only one according to Namco that has soul calibur 2 and i understand everyone plays other games but soul calibur 2 is off the hook.

George Mason University :: University Game Room

TTT, MvC 2… SF II :frowning:

we have good MvC2 and TTT players though