Local play help

I play a lot of online SSFIV, and I usually do pretty well in endless/ranked. But whenever it comes down to me being at a friends house or even going up against a sibling I always do A LOT worse on local. I still end up winning when I play my main, but my execution is pretty bad on local so I end up dropping combos or just playing smart. There is a tournament coming real soon to my area (my first REAL tournament for a fighting game), im thinking about not playing online and just play local the whole time until the tournament passes by. So far I have been playing against myself on local, trying to get all the timings down for my character (since there is no local competition). So do you think I should just play against my friends even tho they may not be good, play against myself? Or even go up against bots? Im mainly worried about my execution.

Definitely just play people in person more. That’s all it takes. Try to find out what kind of TV’s you’re gonna be playing on at this tournament, CRT’s and Asus Moniters are renowned for being lagless, if you’re worried about dropping combos. You’ve been playing online too much and it’s warped your sense of playstyle and timing. Like, the tricks and gimmicks that work online, as I’m sure you’ve come to find out, do not necessarily work in person, and that’s because playing online builds bad habits.

tl;dr - play people irl more to improve irl play, play online more to improve online play

TL;DR, wrong section man.

NSD all day.