Lk,LK, super?

I’m trying to do the low kick, low kick, super with ken in SFIII but i’m having trouble with the input. Are you supposed to do the super command right after the second low kick? I feel like there aren’t enough frames in the second low kick to allow me enough time to input the super and have it string into a combo.

it seems like a lot of people buffer the first motion, but i do the command after the second short and there is indeed enough time :wonder:

does buffering the first motion mean to do the movement inputs for the super during the two LKs? wouldn’t that result in them possibly be standing LKs? I tried that without success. maybe its because i’m using my keyboard which restricts three inputs at the same time.

yeah thats what i mean, but i can’t do it myself. i always found just doing the motion after the second short easier but many people find buffering it easier. can’t comment on the keyboard but you should probably get some controller that allows more than 3 inputs at a time.

there’s a couple different ways to do it, I’ll post mine and hope it helps.

I section it off so that I buffer one qcf with the first lk, one qcf with the second lk, then drum the kick buttons if I saw it hit. you’re going to hit the lk buttons on the bottom of your quarter circle (if you get stand lk you’re either hitting lk too late or your quarter circle is too fast) then as you’re completing your second quarter circle you decide whether to drum or not.

usually you can self diagnose if things aren’t working correctly. for instance if you get stand lk, what I already mentioned. if you’re not drumming but still getting super, you may be hitting the second lk really late or you may be getting a negative edge (which would just mean make sure you come off the button quickly).

also if you’re using keyboard I assume you’re playing on emulator? if so there’s macros for FBA-RR that add input display and you can see what you’re doing wrong.

i’m actually using a keyboard with GGPO. not sure if there’s such an option. hopefully the three button rule won’t affect your method. technically it shouldnt since at most the most buttons pressed at a time should be two.