lk infinite??????

Ok i was looking at one the sim threads right and it was this combo that you would do were u end with the noogie grab (hcb+hp) and then it said that he uses capcoms assist and goes into fly mode and you can do a lk infinite all the way up to the top of the screen now i didnt up to like 10 hits all the way up to the screen. it also looks like if u time the rest of the hits it will work but what i need to know is. is it true sim does have a lk infinite like that.

Also in the other sim infinite / \ lk,airdash forward, lk, mk,<hk,\ / this infinite in the air or on ground.
2. what is that arrow in front of the hk mean?
3. Does this actually work?

Please if anybody has advice or know anything about what i’ve posted please post for me thanks

Oh Yea Dhalsim kicks ass too :cool: :smiley: :cool:

the < is used to mean delay… people usually don’t use it here, but it has been used traditionally describing Tekken strings or combos with a delay, so I thought I’d use it.

and / , lk, airdash forward, lk,mk<hk (so there is a slight delay before hk), is when they are standing on the ground. It works on normaly characters in the corner, and on Sentinel midscreen.


thanks man for telling me about the delay i hope in the future we can chat some time soon om mvc2 my email address is so if u need anything let me know ok peace:D