Lizarzlick shipped my March 21st order JLF w/buttons

April FOOLS, You know it will be another 6 months from their slow service.

Right…great thread man!

I was sarcastic, your actually an idiot :slight_smile:

I got… a jlf and buttons from them a couple days ago. :slight_smile:

If I had the power I’d ban you for this.

Cool story bro.

beat me to it…

I’ve have never before seen a forum member with such a fitting name.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the owner of the forum forwarded the email address of the users that make these kind of complaints to Lizard Lick? Then Chad would know which orders belonged to the complainers…


Apechit already got butthurt and ordered his parts from elsewhere.

I wonder why hes not banned yet…

Can we have a community vote?

That would go against the privacy policy.
Apechit die in a fire

I would neg, but damn. I wouldn’t have much effect now.

Their service is not nearly as slow as your brain, negged, though I must say you have the largest amount of red I’ve seen since the reset.

Beat me to it.

I actually truly LOL’d when I read this post! Come on guys have a sense of humor!

Lol i got my LL stuff over a month ago. Maybe they know who you are.

Lol your SO funny!!! yeahnot

co-sign. what a waste of dead space

That was too funny

April Fools.