Little Fighter 2, anyone heard of it?

I’ve been playing a free fighting game called Little Fighter 2 a lot lately and find it fun as hell. I was curious if anyone’s ever heard of it. This is the official site for it where you can download it as well.

I’d like to try and start a scene for it because its a nice pick-up-and-play game that has up to 8 player support online (never tried it though due to lack of interest).

Aside from vega and noob saibot, They all look gay.

Agreed, and what’s with the dumb fucking names? Who the hell wants to play with Rudolph?!

:rofl: Yeah, the nomenclature of this game was ass, but the game is still fun for when I want lighter fare than VF5 and other modern games. I’ll admit, I’m surprised you complained Rudolph as a name and not Deep

Agreed! Except for that Jan girl, it’s a complete sausage fest!

Oh my goodness, this shit might gon’ get a short term support…by who?

That shit is so old. Brings back memories though. Played it all the time in 10th grade around '02, '03. Had the whole class on it. It’d be two of us on one keyboard and then we’d connect to another computer next to us and brawl or set it on the highest difficulty and fight the cpu. I honestly can’t remember who I played with or many of the characters names at all. I just know we put in codes to unlock some of them. For some reason the names Woody, Dennis, and Davis have just come to me. Maybe they’re who I played with. Dunno, but I stayed away from the ultra powerful and fire/ice/magic/etc. characters and leaned more towards the straight up street brawlers.

Damn I’d like to play this game again but I don’t have a computer. Have they updated it any since like 2003? Anyone know?

does anyone play graal

Yes…There’s been a couple of threads about it here on SRK. I think in GD though.