|| Litchi || Thread of Mantenbou and Double D's

If you have something you want added to the OP just say so, input is greatly appreciated :tup:
This thread will contain match-ups, combos, likes/dislikes, and just pure Litchi goodness

Here’s some miscellaneous info about the lady in red

Movement & Attack
789 :ub::u::uf:
456 :l:**N **:r:
123 :db::d::df:

:snka: = weak attack
:snkb: = medium attack
:snkc: = heavy attack
:snkd: = Drive

Blazblue Basics

Special Attacks

[M]: with Mantenbo
[/M]: without Mantenbo

These are all done in the 1P position

Mantenbo (place/recall, shifts from [M] to [/M] and vice versa) - :snkd:
[M] Straight Foward - 41236 :snkd:
-> [M] Additional Attack - :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc:
[M] Tsubame Gaeshi / The Four Winds - 623 :snkd:
[/M] Haku / Three Dragons: White - 236 :snka:
[/M] Chun / Three Dragons: Green - 236 :snkb: (can also be done in midair)
[/M] Hatsu / Three Dragons: Red - 236 :snkc: (can also be done in midair)
[/M] Reach: Last Chance - 63214 :snka: (can also be done in midair)
-> [M] One Shot - :snka: or :snkb: or :snkc:
[/M] Reach: Robbing the Kong - 63214 :snkb: (can also be done in midair)
[/M] Reach: Kong on Kong - 63214 :snkc: (can also be done in midair)
[/M] The Four Gods Wrath - 41236 :snkd:
[/M] Kote Gaeshi - 421 or 623 :snkd:

Distortion Drives
[/M] Thirteen Orphans - 632146 :snkd: (uses 50% heat)
[M] or [/M] All Green - 6428 :snkc: (uses 50% heat)
[M] The Great Wheel 632146 :snkd: (uses 50% heat, you can control the directions Mantenbou goes by inputting them along with :snkd:)

Astral Finish
It must be the last round and your opponent must have at least 20% health remaining, the Astral Heat consumes 100% heat

[/M] Reach: Last Chance - 63214 :snka:
-> Nine Gates of Heaven - 4 charge 6 :snkd:

Combos, BnB’s

Here’s Gorehound’s thread

and here’s a Litchi guide courtesy of Lord Knight


BB:CT Litchi DVD Tutorial

Litchi Combo Videos

Shonen(Litchi) vs. Tobari(Rachel)
Shonen(Litchi) vs. Tobari(Rachel) 2
Shonen(Litchi) vs. Tobari(Rachel) 3
Manakan(Litchi) vs GUCCI(Noel)
Manakan(Litchi) vs. Unknown(Rachel)
Kaqn (Ragna) vs Manakan (Litchi)
Kaqn(Ragna) vs. BLEED(Litchi)
Shadow(Bang) vs. BLEED(Litchi)
Buppa(Jin) vs. BLEED(Litchi)
Mike Z(Tager) vs Zenmetsu(Litchi)
Phatheon H (Carl) vs Zenmetsu(Litchi)

Here’s some more requested by LK

Blazblue Continuum Shift Videos

The Blazblue sequel is out in the arcades so here’s some vids to tie you over…

Blazblue Continuum Shift Changes

The final changes atm, courtesy of Diveman from DL

Good start. I’ll have to wait until I’ve played to post info, too. :rofl:

tag for the future!

I’ve been playing Litchi since the day BB came out at Family Fun.

I still suck with her >_< lol. I look forward to spending time in practice mode with everything I have learned thus far.

This thread needs more boobs… . uh oh Noel’s jealous

yay for first SRK post. LOL


She seems interesting to play. Will probably look at trying her out for an alt.

Teach me Lycheeee

still learning lol. Her DP is too fun.

This will be THE CHILL SPOT. Litchi is gdlk!!

I’m learning too, we can DP her together.

Good to see you’ll be picking up BB mag.


Yes ! :encore:

Oh yeah baby, Litchi loves that stick, and I love her!!!

Agreed! Nice av btw.

1 post won’t be enough for all her stuff.

Sorry about that, I’ll just use the OP to post the most critical stuff, then the rest of the info will be spread through out the thread… or at least that’s the plan :wonder:

We got our badges, yours is nice as well. BENSKI is the MAN!

I’m going to be in training mode hard body when this thing is out. Let’s get it!!!

Wow, it really is a Litchi gathering around here, huh… XD Reminds me of the ol’ Chun Li thread in the SFIV section…

Can’t wait for this game to arrive at my doorstep… I’ve been using her every time at my local arcade when I get the chance, but now I can now finally practice with Ms Boobies Lady and learn her B’n’Bs without going broke in the process… ^_^;;;

Hope to see you guys and gals online… :slight_smile: Good luck with handling… erm… the stick… XD


PS - Hey MagMan! Long time no see! It’s good to see you and other familiar faces picking up this game.

Magman, do we always end up maining the same characters in games now? Hahaha…

wth… this is like the chun forums…

yall need to get with the BEES-ness!

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If it wasn’t for Litchi I probably wouldn’t have bought this game

Sorry, Tacchi’s Litchi is really bad. Here are some good Litchi matches to watch. Also you should probably not post Litchi vids that are dated before the middle of March because a lot of the stuff will be outdated (If you really wanted to be safe I would say mid April).

[media=youtube]TOrpaQ8Vt-o[/media] MASA8 (Rachel) vs Ueka (Litchi) 1
[media=youtube]VZSuIKYpV94[/media] MASA8 (Rachel) vs Ueka (Litchi) 2
[media=youtube]yh5h9xcIBhc[/media] MASA8 (Rachel) vs Ueka (Litchi) 3

Ueka is really good, just some questionable oki (although in this game some stuff is pretty legit). Outside of combos (a lot of these only work on Rachel, 2C 6C loop only works on Tager/Rachel) the big thing to watch for is how he deals with Rachel’s zoning. ItsuuB, using the guardpoint to eat the pumpkin, then forward poke to force the block (which would make the pumpkin disappear if it was elsewhere).

[media=youtube]tiCm6pdeezY&feature=channel_page#t=3m33s[/media] Shounen (Litchi) vs Sawa (Rachel)
[media=youtube]uLkwAVFTT_U&feature=channel_page[/media] Shounen (Litchi) vs Sorashido (Noel), Hiroyuki (Taokaka)

Shounen OCV. These matches are from March, but his Litchi is far and away better back then than most are now.

[media=youtube]zkoh7wLP8K0&feature=channel_page[/media] Shounen (Litchi) vs Kakyuu (Rachel), Setsuna (Ragna), Himajin (Bang)

More Shounen play, almost OCV’s the team but loses to Himajin in a pretty hype match.

[media=youtube]1bJ0FAzxN18&feature=channel_page[/media] Mankan (Litchi) vs GUCCI (Noel)

Older than the one in OP but this sums up what you’ll be doing with Litchi.