LISTEN HERE SCRUBS, Wireless or Wired Internet for XBL/PSN it makes no difference!

Well, at least according to my friend, who happens to be some sort of IT tech support person…

I have both wireless and wired internet and the difference is massive, and also demonstrated by wildly different internet speed test results when using one over the other.

I’m no tech head, is there definitive proof one of us is right? He refuses to accept that wireless is no good for playing SF online compared to wired.

A google search brings up wired vs wireless home internet setups pro’s and cons, which obviously don’t really care about a few lost packets and ms of lag.

Can we stick to just complaining about XBL & PSN?

Wireless will always slightly increase your ping.
If there is noise or the signal is not at its best, the difference (compared to wired) may be noticeable.

The difference for wireless, if any, should be negligible unless there is signal interference or loss… which is pretty much guaranteed in any real-life situation unless the console is actually sitting right next to your router. As soon as the communication is no longer clean and/or consistent, there will be a measurable dip in performance.

my ps3 was sitting next to my router, and i still got shittty performance in online games like tekken : DR, when SFIV comes around, if wireless doesn’t work that well then i’ll just have to use wired

as a side note, i’m pretty sure the wireless technology/hardware in the ps3 is just garbage because there is no explanation for a console sitting next to the router and still having wireless lag, i play many games online from my laptop a floor down, with no hitches

Well i live in a one bedroom appt, with my laptop 2 meters from my router i get 6 meg download on the speedtest using wireless. When i test my laptop wired i get 11-13 meg.

Wireless is shit, in my apartment.

Probably because you have 5 other people with their wireless routers tangled up in your airspace. If you don’t have other hotspots to contend with and you aren’t trying to get a signal past 20 walls, then you should be good. Wired will always be better than wireless though, no doubt about that.

Get on ggpo, throw something in your microwave, and try to play lag-free. I dare you.

Then again, I have a shitty router.

no, not really, from my experience of playing online game. I suffer from roughly 30ms of lag when ever i use wireless connection. so… I wouldn’t say there is no difference. maybe at transfer speed (when the wireless connection supports it) but there is definitely difference in terms of connection timing

There are so many factors that come into play that make this a worthless argument. I won’t even go on from there, lol.

This is the correct answer. That said, I have my 360 hooked up using a second router as a wireless bridge and I can play HD Remix beautifully.

Wireless, while has taken leaps and bounds in current years, is still lossy compared to wired, straight up.

its all about dat 30ft Ethernet Cable Dog!

or i could just be too poor to buy a router…

That’s most likely a problem with your router or it’s just the norm for fighters. I’ve got my 360 wired but still experience lag in online fighting games. Also my ps3 is wireless but I only see any lag in fighting games like Tekken. Otherwise, I hardly notice any lag in FPS games on either systems.

I’ve heard about these ports you can open that can make your ps3 have less lag.

I use Wireless for my computer which is fine, but using 3 different network adapters (MS and 2 third party adapters) on my 360 has always giving me more than noticeable lag on ANY game for xbl. Halo was the worst (as expected), but fighters such as HD Remix and others were still slowed down.

I think it has to do with the electronics that handle the data I/O. WoW runs perfectly fine, but XBL runs with as much as 2 second lag in fighting games (DOA, SFAE).

Hahah, I’ll eat my pizza pops frozen if it means keeping a smooth connection for SF2! :angel:

done! wireless worked fine. then again my router is on one side of the house im in another side of the house and the microwave is in another part :arazz:

people who play games with wireless! get a wired connection if you notice any lag. it will solve all your problems(unless you are on dial up) :rofl:

This is because fighters have much stricter requirements when it comes to online play. You don’t notice lag in an FPS because the game can cover it up. You can’t cover up lag in a fighter in any way shape or form.

With talk of microwaves and walls, is it only nearby wireless devices that cause signal loss or is it any electrical devices/physical objects?

oh hay. I work for a wireless ISP, so I know a thing or three about wireless connectivity.

Get a laptop with a ethernet port and a wifi device and do a tiny test. Ping the default gateway, which would be your router, which you can obtain by bringing up a command prompt/system shell(Vista/XP: Command Prompt, OS X: Terminal.App), and you’ll figure out what’s right given your local network conditions.

There’s only one other router in the area, on a different channel and there aren’t many walls between me and my router(even though my router IS missing one antenna). In my situation, my latency goes up … about 1-4ms. From 1. Which is about right.