List Your Favorite Fighting Game Slang

Just wanted to keep up to date with all the crazyness after SB5. Think I might have heard some stuff that I didn’t understand I donno, anyways…

Hu are Yu?
Haggen Das
On Blast
R Kelly
Fuck the Knicks

what about u guys?

mexican uppercut

I need to kick myself for forgetting that! Thank you Sir!



Mexican uppercut= shoto crouching fierce

Comes from mexican scrubs in the old days who couldn’t do DPs

have u seen this cool wallpaper? i just downladed it here please check it out:

handsies. Footsies with boxer lol

Mexican tuxedo (reference to Bob’s Denim jacket and jean costume)
Belly bump (another bob reference)
Freebase victory (a ring out in soul calibur)
Rape block (denying an opponent a perfect victory)
Velveta! (getting a perfect victory against an opponent who would normally win)

anything related to food cause it sounds hilarious without context
’meaty bread and butter combo’

Chants, but I don’t care.

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh…

ey ey ey ey ey ey ey…

Anything with Kokujin in the room


Also when someone gets perfected in sf4 or ssf4, they get R Kelly’d.:rofl:

And people are now officially playing Bipsons.

edit: oops you mentioned that already.

Bob (name given to Hwoarang cause no one could pronounce him in Tekken 3 days)

Cockroach or Roaching (being down to no health yet making a comeback & winning)

Taking him behind the woodshed (beating an opponent down when he gets too cocky)

I loved “Free” and having been using the term fairly consistently now. I don’t understand R. Kelly, that needs an explanation.

R.Kelly= Getting pissed on/raped

Think “Golden Showers,” lolmark.

American Resets (Dropping a combo, then picking it back up because your opponent didn’t respond correctly)
Anime Footsies (a heavy focused air to air/air to ground spacing)
Donjon/Doozin (Games in the vein of Guilty Gear/Queen of Fighters. Doujin)
Poverty (Playing games nobody else does because they’re inexpensive.)

I have started to use “on blast,” “get blown up,” and “salty/Morton’s” in everyday conversation now. I blame Art.

European reset

for reference see: [media=youtube]iizF7HF3fuw[/media]

American Unblockable = overhead

One of my favorites.

Clutch is from FPS games, as far as i can tell.

I like how the term SPD is reserved for all command throws that have a 360 motion. The 360 motion is a prerequisite for the name, regardless of the actual animation.