List of stupid list threads on SRK: Stupid List Poll Brothers Edition

Did I miss any? If I did, please post a list of the stupid list threads I may have missed.

Yeah, I’m so “stupid” for compiling and sharing possibly the only comprehensive list on the internet of fighting games that have online multiplayer. Certainly no one on a forum based around fighting games could find that useful, right?!

I made this account simply to post the list, and thank you, Chad, for reminding me why I stopped going on forums by the time I exited grade school. Have a nice forum life.

Metamoderation makes you look like a dick. There is no need to do it. If you have questions or concerns about moderation, or suggestions for such moderation, PM me or S-K, the FGD moderators.

If you don’t like a thread, don’t post in it. If some random and ugly thread has a bunch of posts, as most every one you mention does, that makes it that much less logical for a mod to close it (versus letting it runs its dumb course).


For clarity, I split the first part of FGD rule 3 into two parts now:

  1. These types of threads do not belong here
  • Fan Fiction/Wish lists threads
  • Anything involving any sort of poll whatsoever (actual polls or “Your Favorite/Least Favorite/best/worst/whatever” threads). (Unless the OP can explain exactly why their thread needs to exist in the OP. If you don’t care enough to explain, your thread should not exist.)
    I feel like the second piece generally addresses the source of your discontent.