List of SBK trap victims

i basically went into training and put the dummy on crouching position all blocking, and did a HK SBK. these are the results of if they blocked or not…


-M. Bison (Psycho Crusher)
-Balrog (Boxer)
-E. Honda
-God Rugal


-Chun Li
-Shin Akuma
-Vega (Claw)
-Evil Ryu
-Orochi Iori

Yup, you’re list matches with mine. 22 characters in all. While you were testing did you note the characters that allow the SBK to go over them? I forgot to catch’em but they were the really small characters. I believe they were Nakoruru, Morrigan, Yuri and (I believe) Athena (?!). I’ll try to get’em later today.

no, i didn’t note them, but i did notice that. that would be pretty effective for throw setups…

and thanks for the replies shintegra, i guess you and i are the only chun li players left on srk:lol:

im sorry for being stupid but,
whats SBK trap???
its so frustrating not knowing the name of certain techniques :bluu:

SBK = spinning bird kick trap.

look in one of my other threads for gandido’s FAQ that i re-posted, and it’ll explain it in there better than i could. if you have any other questions after that, just ask.

Blanka can still roll out of it.