List of rushdown characters in AE?

Hey guys so I play Blanka and I can play him turtle or rushdown depending on the opponent. But I want to pick another character or two and I was watching some Alioune Sensei footage and Cammy looks really cool. Her rushdown looked awesome in his hands.

In any case, I like characters that are mobile (Blanka with his hop that can get your across the screen fast), and Cammy looks very mobile too.

Can you guys list a bunch of really mobile characters in this game. Im assuming most of the mobile chars play rushdown, and if that is not that case then can you just list the rushdown chars in this game.

Thank you.

Seth, Yun, Yang, Dudley, Ken and Bison are very mobile rushdown characters.

Fei is also very mobile. You can rushdown well with him, too (although it may not be the most effective way to play him).

I wouldn’t really call Bison “rushdown” not entirely sure how I’d classify him but he doesn’t really feel like a “rushdown” character. The rest are pretty spot on, esp Dudley.

You could also try Makoto or Guy both are mobile characters with good pressure tools.

El Fuerte (Vortex. if you can run stop pressure you can crack an opponent hard. Air grab. Has a new way to punish pressing the wrong button, two hit armor ex move to get in. Good walk speed. Fantastic overhead that is comboable)

Guy (his combos hurt. Air throw hurts. His jump takes getting used to though. Several good pressure normals)

Makoto (fantastic dashes. Risk reward is high but no one obliterates opponents faster IMO. She can really stay in once she’s in. Has some really really good normals, Kara throw)

Twins (dive kicks good forward movement, varied combos)

Ibuki (varied combos, great movement, air throw, command throw owns all throws)

Rufus (dive kick, great at applying pressure)

Cammy (good movement and dashes , air throw )

Duds (comboable overhead. Can get past fireballs easily.)

Abel (excellent forward dash, once he is in his mixups really hurt. Command throw beats all throws except ibuki’s command throw)

Ken (step kick. Cl RH xx ex tatsu is laughably easy for how much damage it does and it’s time for a mix up. Kara throw)

Bison is a pressure character not a rush down. You need a lot better mix up game than he possesses to be a rush down character.

The reason Ibuki’s command throw is so good is because it is technically not a command THROW. The move counts as a strike despite looking like a throw. check out the hitboxes on it. This means moves that are throw invincible like Abels command throw loses to it since it is a strike not throw. However Abels EX tornado is strike invincible so it beats Ibuki’s.

Just an interesting tidbit.

I’m almost 100% positive ibuki players would prefer if Raida was a real cmd grab like Yun’s for example. As it is now, it has close to no uses in combos anyways (except in the corner) and ibuki has not one, but two better options to close her combos. Yeah, it’s a very situational AA, but even there, ibuki has better, safer, more damaging ones.
If it was a cmd grab on the other hand, it would actually make you scared to block vs ibuki, because as it is now, unless you’re knocked down you can just block all day vs ibuki since her tick throw game is sub-par.

Viper is the best rusher in this game, for sure.

Seth or Viper. I feel like in order to be a rushdown character, it really comes down to mixups. You cant just apply the same pressure over and over and expect it to work. That being said, Seth and Viper can be very unforgiving to learn.