List of moves that punish Ken/Sean c. MK(FK) and anything with similar recovery

Ken EX shoryuken, Hugo LP moonsault press, Remy LK flash kick

Dudley SA1/SA2/SA3, Ryu SA2, Ken SA1/SA3, Akuma SA2, Hugo SA1, Alex SA1/SA2 (close range only),
Remy SA1 (point blank only)/SA2, Makoto SA1, Sean SA2/SA3, Ibuki SA2/SA3, Twelve instant SA2, Urien SA1, Chun SA1, Elena SA1/ SA2 (point blank only), Yun SA1, Necro SA1/SA2

All tested pretty thoroughly. 2-3 framers will punish a c. FK on hit if reversal timed. Generally you just buffer them a half second after you block. That way if you time it right, you reversal, and if you don’t, you do nothing and you’re safe. Piano-ing helps a ton with consistency. They can get around this by cancelling in to an EX fireball (Ken’s is punishable though), but this means they can’t safely hit confirm c. FK so that’s always good in my book.
The 3 framers here like Ibuki SA3 require stricter timing.
4 frame moves must be reversal timed even point blank and won’t punish on hit. These include : Remy LK flash kick, Necro SA2
The 2-3 framers will also work on Ryu/Akuma, but the timing is so strict, it’s not really worth it unless you’re point blank.
2/3 framers here will also punish UOHs on block even without reversal timing, which is kinda fucked up.

Full list of moves here:
Any of the 2/3 frame moves here will also punish anything on this list provided they’re not in the air. You might be surprised by what’s punishable on block/hit. Anything bolded is considered useful/practical.

nice, whats the distance for Hugos lp moonsault press? any distance?

dudley: reversal ducking sa3

Hugo’s MSP will hit from about mid-range. Gigas will hit up to about max, but buffering reversal gigas is a lot harder.

learn to read and understand…he’s obv talking about c. RH…btw, use the standard terminology…FK can be interpreted as forward or fierce (kick). EX SRK with a Ken is a stupid choice of punishment…it will prolly whiff, and you’ll prolly eat a lot of damage. It barely connects point blank vs a lot of crouching characters. A lot of the ones you listed are useless. Alex’s SA2 will most likely whiff. Twelve instant SA2? Lol…seriously now. The practical list of punishment should go like this:

Ken: sa3

That’s it.

OP mentions Ken cancelling into EX Hadou. You can’t do that from c.RH, so he’s OBVIOUSLY talking about low forward. The list would be a WHOLE lot bigger if we were talking about the sweep.

I’m quite sure Yang can punish with Ken c.forward with SA2 at point blank.

It’s a purely a list of moves that “can” do it. I never made any claims about all of them being useful. Dudley SA3 and Necro SA1 also have very similar start-up/ranges as shipuu.

And yes, FK refers to forward or medium kick not fierce/RH. What doesn’t punish c. RH?

I tried. It takes too long for him to roll over because the forward pushes him back.

Oy, mk is good enough.

yea say mk, or forward FK is just dumb

Isn’t Sean’s slower than Ken’s?

Start-up is slower. Recovery is the same. Recovery’s all that matters in terms of punishing shit.

Ken and Sean have -4 recovery on blocked cr mk, so they can be reversal’d by anything with a 3 frame startup or faster provided it will hit.

Keep in mind Ryu and Gouki have -3 recovery on a blocked cr mk so only 2 framer’s or faster can reversal.

Yangs ex mantis slash can punish it

no it cant, it can punish c.rh.

ex aegis

temporal thunder is 1f iirc

Ibuki’s f.HK hops over shoto low pokes. Props to DJ for that info. Even tho this is a normal, it’s pretty useful.

thats not a punish

If it could, shotos (and a lot of other people) would be fucked against him.
I tested very thoroughly, like 99% of the moves (that aren’t already obvious) should be on that list I made.