List of all Capcom ninja's

I wanted to do a collage of all the Capcom ninjas and I was wondering if you guys could help me identify them.

So far I have:

Strider Hiryu

that’s not all is it?

Ibuki. Vega/Balrog (claw)'s fighting style is also ninjutsu-based, IIRC.

Sho/Ginzu from Captain Commando
Mukuro/Kenji from Warzard

Strider Hiten – Hiryu’s rival

The rest of the Bushinryuu practitioners – Maki, Genryuusai (I think he’s the one in the Guy’s SFA2 ending) & one more whose name I can’t remember (check Tiamat’s FAQ)

the bunch of ninjas in Ibuki’s SF3:NG & 2i stage

Ayame from Pocket Fighters… I think she’s a ninja…

^ Ayame’s from Power Stone, I think. Not sure what she is…

So, so far I have:

Strider Hiryu

I think I will stick with that list. Vega isn’t really a ninja as far as I can tell and I’m excluding non-selectable characters.

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll post the pic sometime within the next two weeks.

dude, vega is SO ninja, check the way he runs in CVS2 that should be enough evidence. plus it also states in sf2 manual and the fact his suppose to be “silent deadly killer” type.

He is a ninja, but he’s not that typical ninja is what he’s thinking.

Wouldn’t that exclude Geki, too?

Borg #180 Shadow Girl from Gotcha Force.

BTW, during Guy’s secondary Midnight Bliss transformation in CFE he becomes Shadow Girl.

Also Kaede of Onimusha.

And Yagyu Jubei of Onimusha 2 (Yagyu Jubei was a ninja in real life too).

I’m pretty sure Vega does ninjitsu work (assassination, etc). Bison isn’t keeping that guy around in Shadaloo to just sit there and look good.

Ayame’s a ninja. She throws shurikan in her powered form and I could have sworn she came from a line of ninja.

Guy’s master is Zeku.

The Imawano clan from Rival Schools, technically.

True. Well I meant actual characters who were in the game. You fought Geki in Street Fighter 1. You could never play as nor against the guys in Ibuki’s NG and 2I background.

And I guess I will include Vega…and Ayame. Good call on her powered up form I just remembered that. I’ll leave Onimusha out of it, though, mostly due to laziness.

I’ve been procrastinating but I’ll start this thing tonight.

batsu is a semi-ninja …:wtf: …

it woulde be interesting if you are making a fanart of a grp-cast …

let’s list out all the ninjas from capcom games , no fighting game only …

there’s a ninja robo made by capcom Btw …
is called G.raizo :rofl:

i’m anticipated to see hyo , kurow and kyosuke in there …

…I don’t know whether or not I should be offended or depressed that people forgot Shadow Man.

For shame.

Ninja EDIT: AND you didn’t include Strider Hien that Rook mentioned? The Hell?

who is shadow man ?

Onimusha 2 - Kotaro

And also, don’t forget about Maki (CAP VS SNK 2) ----who fights from within the same
Ninjitsu school as Guy.


quiz and dragons has a ninja in it too. I think his name is ninja.