Liquipedia Fighters

Some of you may have noticed links to the Fighters Liquipedia on some players in rankings in the player bios. This is just a friendly reminder that the site is still in an Alpha stage with the long term goal of getting it into main space along with the other Wikis. We are currently a small team and we are always happy for new people to contribute to update tournaments, player information, game tips etc.

If you think you have a brain full of FGC knowledge you’d like to use to help catalog the rich history of Competitive Fighting Games feel free to drop in the Fighters section of the Liquipedia Discord here and we’ll do our best to get you started and help out.

wrong forum

What the fuck are you even talking about?

Also wrong forum.

Moved to Tourney Results, even though you wont tell me exactly which one to move it to. :I

I shouldn’t need me too if you read the forum rules and just look around before hitting post. Maybe the lack of any fighting game related content would have been enough of a clue.