LionCast Arcade Stick - How to open it and does an art template exist?

Hello c:

Recently I purchased the rather price friendly “LionCast” Arcade Stick and have been pretty happy with it so far.

Of course it isn’t perfect, the stick does feel good and has a very nice clicking sound to it but tends to feel a bit loose and the buttons aren’t the best.
While hoping to get something better in the future, I am content with what I got, since I’m not a competitive but rather casual person when it comes to playing games and simply wanted to know what having such a product is like.

Now I heard that the LionCast is rather modding friendly, due to being similar to the Honcam but it isn’t easy to find a lot of information about it.

What I got from it is that is doesn’t seem like changing the buttons should be too hard, since it seems like simply unplugging and plugging in some cables is required, so I was hoping to try that in the future and if that goes wrong at least not too much money is lost!
I’m staying away from the stick for now though, since I do not know how to solder and have nobody who could do that for me either.

The thing is that I’m not quiet sure how to open it, I assume that you do it by removing the slip stoppers at the bottom to access the screws, exactly how you do it with the Honcam.
I’m not sure if that really is the right way to do it though, so I’d rather have somebody confirm this before I go ahead and mess it up, heh c:"

I was also trying to find the art template for my Arcade Stick, but my search didn’t bring anything up, so I was wondering if the template even exists.

Thank you very much for having taken the time to read this ❀

This is my first time to ever write anything in a thread, so I hope that I did this right.

your images are broken

Upload the images to Imgur. They’ll work. Photobucket is [now] greedy rubbish.

Thank you for having informed me about this.
I have now re-uploaded them to Imgur, so it should be fixed.
The thing with Photobucket is a shame…, haven’t used it since years, so I wasn’t even aware.