Links on pad

Hi, everyone.

I’m a pad player, playing SF4 on PC.

My question is: Does anyone have any advice in how execute links on a DualShock? How to do such thing like p-link?

I’m having trouble trying this…

I know that the best thing to do is to get a stick but I’m waiting to see if Super will come out to PC. If it does, I’ll get a stick. If not, I won’t bother getting one (unless I buy a console :P).


Get a fightpad, plinking on the dual shock triggers is a nightmare. At least with the fight pad you’ll have all the buttons layed out for you. You missed a crazy deal with the fight pads earlier… I think they were going for like 12 bucs? something like that.

it doesn’t matter if you have a pad or a stick to hit the link. p-linking on the other hand i don’t even want to imagine on a pad. i can hit easy links on a quite easily on a pad even though i much prefer playing on a stick. you have to find the timing. getting a stick won’t help you find the timing.

i play on pad and plinking took a little while to learn but id suggest getting the madcatz fightpads if your using the ps3 pad. The ps3 pads triggers are straight ass and having all 6 buttons by your thumb is nice. you can plink with a sort of slide method… just slide your thumb back n forth. works for me.