LinkinPark VS Audioslave

i did this for a battle at the LEDHEAVY forums. we had to make up two GuiltyGear characters (with a basis in music, like all the other guilty gear characters) and then draw them together. i used Audioslave and Linkin Park for the two characters.

here’s the pic of them fighting, which still needs colors:

and here’re the two character sketches, with colors for ref.



let me know.

your overdrawing the muscles. take it down a notch. they arnt even flowing right with the body, especially the abs, samething u do with female breasts. u over specify what u shouldnt.

Long time no post. Here is some help with some angles and fluid motion like you would see in your boy leseans work.

First pic the blue arrows just represent flow of legs and body. The guy on the right sides arm is a bit too high so I lowered it. The kick wasn’t really doing it for me so the jumping knee may be a better position for him.

The second pic which I know from all your previous posts is that your shoulders are too narrow. They need some length in them.The light blue on the body shows angle from clavicle to where rib muscles should lay. Overall I really like it and good stuff as always, but you just need that little umph. Peace.