Linking FADC Seismos

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering, what is the correct input to consistently link FADC Seismos? My friend taught me a p-link input that makes it easier to execute, but I haven’t been able to actually link them:

Seismo xx SJ xx L+M+S ~ L+M xx Seismo
(I use LM but can be any two attack buttons)

I think overall it just takes too long to input everything for the following Seismo to link. Is there a different input notation I should be using? Or should I be able to link them using the same notation above?? Any suggestions / tips?

Just wanted to make sure I’m on the right track and not practicing the wrong inputs. Thank you!

i would write it as

seismo, up+l+m+s, L+M, seismo

the difference being if by SJ you mean inputting down-up then you’re wasting some motion. All you need to input is up at the same time as SLM.

Thanks for the response! So to clarify, after the first Seismo you return to neutral and then input up? And yes, I’ve been inputting down-up so I see that’s probably where I’ve been less efficient, hopefully this will shave some time off in my inputs.

yeah return to neutral. the timing is a bit weird but you get used to it and eventually you’re able to fadc seismo across the screen pretty darn fast.

This is completely incorrect, the question is linking them. Seismos can not “link” if you don’t super jump cancel them. You must do down/up or the next seismo wont combo.

seismo, down, up+M&S, L+M, seismo


I never do down/up and I combo three seismo FADCs consistently from anywhere on the screen. Even if there was a difference between doing just up or down/up, there’s no reason to do down/up because the ex focus comes out either way - hence down/up is wasted motion.