Limited character?

It might be too early to call but I feel like discussing it at the very least. I honestly like the fact that you have to play patiently with her and I enjoy how playing Decapre puts a lot of focus on footsie control but combines it with a form of temporary rushdown after scoring a knockdown but am I the only one who feels like she’s lacking something? The amount of scramble options that you’ll be able to use competitively once people figure her out will be reduced by half (ex mp break and ex dive kick will essentially be the only ones you’ll be using more than once every game everything else will be reduced to one time gimmicks) so you’re forced to base your gameplay around mk light daggers but unlike other hands characters who’s hands are just very useful tools her light daggers are a centerpiece of her gameplay. Though with all this said she’s still a very solid character but I’m not sure how viable she’ll be in more competitive environments since it feels like she’s suffering from the Oni disease where most of her stuff only works because people haven’t learned how to fight against her yet and because of this are unable to exploit her flaws.

They needa make jab daggers OP and -1 on block like Thunder Knuckle. +2 frame advantage on all daggers.

But seriously, if they fix her charge times and the blockstun issue with daggers that lets a few characters reversal between hits then I think she’ll be in a good spot. A few tweaks to her overhead would help a lot too. Good normals and walk speed go a long way. A bit too early to talk about how good or bad this character is IMO.

As a random aside, anyone else of the opinion that charge characters should have more target combos, command normals, and attacks that move forward? There’s quite a few attacks like Akuma’s far roundhouse that I feel should have been on a charge character.

Being able to move while keeping charge is strong. It’s part of why Bison’s slide and TAP are so good.

Anyways if you feel she’s limited I assume you’ve done very extensive labwork

Scramble might not be as good as it originally looked, but when it originally was shown it was hella broken. So you can’t use it as a win button, but Dekappa has strong normals, good walkspeed, solid jump ins, a decent ranging cancelled low that can be combo’d into and two quite useful ultras. In what ways is she limited?

Lol? Dude, you’re so fraudulent.

Daggers need to be +1 on block, Decapre has a hard time getting in.

Hey y’all just wondering how much of an overlap between the “My character is terrible please give them a ton of buffs” and the “I wouldn’t be caught dead playing an S tier character” crowds.

I feel certain that Capcom wants particular characters to be at the top of the game and others to be at the middle and bottom. Decapre seems to be one of those characters that Capcom deems should be a middle packer. I played an endless lobby with Fei and Seth and Akuma. There’s no way on god’s green earth Capcom could consider these characters equivalent in potential. The question, is WHY? Why do they care which characters in the game are the best ones?

I know exactly how you feel and yes it is weird it’s like they’re biased towards certain characters.

i think she does well against both seth and akuma