Lili Loves Her Diamonds - The Lili Gem Discussion Thread

Haven’t seen a discussion thread for this one yet, so I’ll help start it up.

So, what gems do you guys prefer for Lili?

As for myself, I find that she benefits from using speed gems. With her excellent movement, activating speed gems helps her move incredibly fast, to keep up a good rush-down game, as well as getting her out of situations do to the fact that I think that she doesn’t have very good wake-up options besides rolling, or just blocking correctly.

I also add one power gem to help aid her in dealing more damage because, in my opinion, she has a lot of damage scaling on a lot of combos.

So, what bling-bling do you guys put on Lili?

will gems be used in tourney play?

well the gems i use are the iron wall(defense) since her health is only 900 and the conditions are easy to activate. there is multiple situations Lili is going to need this especially considering she has bad wakeup options.

I have one gem that requires the other partner to launch and Lili will get a 10% extra damage boost.

I like this for Lili’s tag damage, doing cr.hp into super and the likes.

Lili needs defense and vitality gems. Meter gems arent needed since shell usually be 2nd. Point character should provide her with the meter she needs.

strictly 2 speed and one meter or damage for me

im not fussed about health at all

I have two power gems and an iron wall gem

Im currently using one power gem and two defense gems. I feel keeping her alive is crucial with her poor wakeup options.

I have her with 2 meter gaining Gems and one Power gem. I don’t know why I even have the Meter Gems considering I don’t usually use meter with her or Zangief. I do like the idea of Defense and Vitality Gems.

I play Lili on point. I find her mix ups of highs and lows plus heavy arsenal of attacks as heavy offensive pressure. Lili can play both Defensive and Offensive. It’s just how you use her that will determine the outcome.

Having said that, I use the Immense Power Gems lv 1 and 2 that activate by use of 4-5 special attacks. Lili’s a rekka character. One sunflower lance = 3 special attacks. I also use a speed gem that activates by 5 normals.

I have life gem, power gem, and meter building gem.
A few special and she regains all recoverable life. Power because well she can do some hella damage. Meter is what makes lili do her most damage.

I have 2 Power Gems and a Fortitude Gem

I did not know that I though lance counted as one special

I use speed and meter gems too, but I’m really starting to lean towards immense poser gems. Seeing the damage Lili can do with some of her combos just makes me want to boost them even more.

i have a vitality gem and 2 power gems

using 1 power gem (partner preforms launcher) and 2x fortitude gems (damage cut +100)

I play with guile on point and 30% of my games go into time out, and the fortitude gems make a HUGE difference… not to mention lili’s defense isn’t the greatest so the damage cut is very nice when you get opened up.

I was wondering tho, out of all the defense gems, damage cut, % reduce, and the harmonize gems (life restored) has anyone done the research to see which is the most efficient?

since i mainly play a rushdown lili (since she can’t handle pressure very well) and I have her as anchor, she’s able to get all 3 gems activated off of a launcher.

atm, they’re the 10% power gem with partner launcher, the 40% cross gauge+ stuff with partner launcher, and the 20% dlc gem with deals with hitting 4 special moves. when she comes in from a launcher, just do angel knee > c.hp > lk sunflower and you’ll have all 3 gems active.

The reason why I have 40% cross gauge even when she’s anchor, is because i tend to get her in the first opportunity i can and mainly because i don’t know who to use on point yet. XD

Once I figure out who i’m using on point, I might change it to a speed or defense gem. probably the 4 special move speed gem since i do too much rush down. XD

But yeah, you guys would be surprised the insane amount of damage lili does with 30% dmg boost coming right in. her typical bnb would do 500+ dmg meterless iirc.

I’m currently trying out two meter building gems that activate on me blocking and me taking normal damage. And the third gem I started testing today is the +30% dmg when activating Pandora Mode.

The way I look at it, if I take too much damage, I’ll build more meter. And if I take way too much damage, I’ll try and setup a Pandora Mode combo.

Most Pandora Combo’s need 2-3 bars when activated to get those high damage combo’s. With the power gem activated, I have one combo that deals 700 damage, and two more that deal 620 damage.

So, we’ll see what happens.

Which gem set do you guys think is better for Lily in general? :
10% defense + 10% defense + 10% power = 20% defense (Iron Wall) and 10% power
10% defense + 10% power + 10% power = 10% defense (Iron Wall) and 20% power

Switched to not using gems at all. She seems to do just fine without them too, which is a good thing.

Reserve: 100% C.Gauge Boost Setup(DLC required)
Onslaught lv.1 Connect with 3 special moves.
Onslaught lv.2 Connect with 4 special moves
Onslaught lv.2 Partner Connects with a Launcher

On Point: 60% C.Gauge Boost + 10 Power or 20% C.Gauge reduction(DLC requred)
Onslaught lv.1 Connect with 3 special moves
Onslaught lv.2 Connect with 4 special moves
Proficiency lv.1 Connect with 3 special moves or Immense power lv.1 connect with 3 special moves.

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