LG E2370V-BF: the best IPS monitor for fighting gamer?

Hi guys, I was reading SaveFighting’s thread about the monitors with low input lag, and I saw that there isn’t the LG E2370V-BF. This monitor come with a feature called ThruMode, that, when enabled, allows you to bring the input lag at very low levels (here a review of the LG W2363D, a TN monitor which have the same mode).

So IPS + really low input lag = WIN, right? What do you think of this monitor? I was going to buy it but I couldn’t find many reviews about it…

IPS will look nicer than a normal LCD screen and the viewing angle is also wider. Low input lag mean you will be able to perform links closer to what they should really be and not way off. It can definitely help your execution a bit playing on a less laggy monitor but I don’t know if it will help you win the match =p

Lol, sure, but I just have to buy a new monitor, and I want the less laggy IPS that I can afford.

And I’ll win anyway but this isn’t the point :sunglasses: (just kidding :rofl:).