LF Players in Southern Michigan/Northern Ohio

I’m looking for players in Southern Michigan or Northern Ohio. I’m a bit south of Detroit. I’m looking for some people to play with, whatever game is cool. I just want to find one game to stick with and get better at. Looking to maybe hold a fight night or something sometime.

I live in Detroit and recently got a PS3. Planning to get Third Strike Online next week so if you wanna play that on PSN I’m artboy598

whats up guys im in michigan i play Ultimate Marvel V.S Capcom 3 for PS3 add me name EilliteViper

On mondays we get together in Southfield, MI for Mitten Mash Mondays from 6pm to 12:30 am for casuals, and during Mitten Mashers we have the Walraven Weekly tournament series that starts at 9pm. All tournament entries are only $2. Plum Hollow Lanes 21900 W Nine Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48075