LF Active NORTHERN Indiana Community

I am Odd Harold. I am on PSN under the name Odd_Harold. I have SSF4 AE, I have just started playing again after two years. Hit me up, I can travel nearby. I live in Goshen. Let’s get this community going. That is all.

Oh cool. I actually live in Northwest Indiana. Somewhere near Gary, Indiana (But don’t worry, nowhere near the worst parts of Gary or in the town itself) and off the border of Illinois. I’m looking for some more non-Indianapolis competition here as I have nobody to play with. I am mostly a Marvel player but I also play Street Fighter, Skullgirls, and Guilty Gear as well.

It’s always been my dream to make it big in the FGC but considering where I live now, it’s really hard to make that a dream a reality when the local competition around you are not only lazy and unmotivated, but also do not help you level up too much as well unless you drive far and wide for better competition in the city like I’ve been doing recently. Hopefully we will see each other around for some good fighting game sessions.

BTW, do you know of any tournaments happening around the area? I have searched far and wide on SRK and Facebook but I don’t see any other big Midwesten tournaments happening anytime soon. It sucks, I’m VERY HUNGRY to redeem myself after my god-awful performance at Frosty Faustings last year. (But then again, 2013 for me in general was just terrible, so yeah) I want to make this the year I finally make it in the tournament scene, so any sort of new competition I can meet around these parts could help. Okay, enough talk for reals this time, I hope to play you soon.

Yeah I have SSF4, so hit me up on PSN Odd_Harold

Ah yeah laughs I’m afraid I don’t have SSFIV on PS3, I have it on 360. I only have Cross Tekken and Marvel on PS3 as far as Capcom fighters go.

I live in south bend, and have traveled to Goshen for work before, so its close enough. I play on pc, but my sticks are for 360. however, I do have a ps2/3 neo geo stick, so if you play KOF, I can do that.

Let’s get the community going. I live in Lebanon Indiana. Let’s meet up and start leveling up.

I have Ultra on 360 now GT is h4xxYO

I actually just moved to Goshen. Didn’t think there was anyone here. lol

I live in south bend indiana. I play on ps3 atm

Guess I should get to adding then. We live in sort of a wasteland here lol

Hey guys, we will be having our first meet-up for the Northwest Indiana FGC. It’s held at Mr. Sweets Games and Candy in Hobart, IN. If successful, it will be a weekly or bi-weekly event. More information can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1558503467748602/

Elkhart, IN has a decent scene now at Realms Games.

Is this thread still active? I see there are some guys in Southbend and Elkhart, I live in Mishawaka. Reaction games has had some SFV tournaments, or at least tried to but they are not consistent, anyone still active in the area? Looking for meet ups/ physical tournaments.