Leveling Up Required!

So…I would like to start a daily/bi-daily Endless lobby for practice. I want serious matches against a vast majority of the cast so my Ibuki, Gouken and Sagat can level up. If possible I’d like to get one going within the next hour. Anyone out there free for some games?

PSN or Xbox?

I need some practice for my Guy, Yun, and Ken. Hit me up at WillSmithXBL.


Thanx for the link. Can I build the thread there?

read the stickies, there are already matchmaking threads for most every game you could want to play

Even outside of the newbie dojo…no one is safe from the re-directories of Trouble Brewing

Dig around in there and you’ll find threads already dedicated to matchmaking. You may not even need to create a thread to find some people to play with.

Also check the character specific boards here. Almost every one of them has their own matchmaking thread with people willing to meet up and practice.

Good luck!

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