Level down? WTF?

I got to B rank with Fei. Decided to switch parameters to fight only stronger opponents than myself. I thought this would help me get better, and as it turns out, I did get better. I did, however, lost like 2500 points and I noticed today that I had leveled down to C+. WTF Capcom??? Does that mean I need to gain 2500 more points to go back to B rank?

Personally, I think this is bullshit.

if you’re not consistent why would it keep you the same rank?

If you win the Stanley Cup, or the Super Bowl, or whatever, and you suck the following seasons, they dont take your championship rings away, do they? That is just shitty. It is like Final Fantasy XI all over again…

They’re not awards, they’re a ranking system.

I agree with Kelter on this one. The ranks are there so that you play with people of your skill level, they aren’t just trophies.

Ok. I guess that makes sense. Now, for the other half of my question: Will I have to get back to 5000 points to get to B rank?

I don’t know.

I feel like I’ve seen people with less points than their rank would seem to say.

Yeh but don’t worry, you’ll be back at B in no times because you get more points for winning against bad opponents now. So you BP will shoot right back up.

Final Fantasy XI all over again. I LOL’d.

Consider you ranking down being lv75 in ffxi, and you just lose 30k exp on a dynamis run. Yeah, you gonna need to get that 30k back so you can relevel up :frowning:

But b rank is 5k points right? I see people with 4.8 and have B rank. I dont get it then. Shouldnt they drop to a c+?

I think you shouldn’t care about that retarded online ranking system.

Wait… so if I get to B rank I’ll stop finding scrubs?

No. Mech is right. Ignore the system. I beat a juri with 13k BP? And he wasn’t very good. The ranking system for characters doesn’t drop much when you lose either.

That’s weird, I have seen players with WAY lower BP than their level indicates. For example, I’ve seen B players with low 3k-ish when B is 5000 BP, and I’ve seen B+ players with low 6k-ish when B+ (I think) is 10000 BP.

ranking system online is ass i wouldnt even bother looking at the ranks. i fought a C rank ryu and he played better then a B+ ryu. yeeea… online rank is so awesome.

sigh. why are you caring about ranked?

Skills will fade away, but rankings last forever!

IDK. I guess I shouldnt care. It’s psychological, I guess. Psycho-logical. (LOL!)