Lets Practice Painting!

So i’m trying to different things with PS so my friend suggested i do this. Color in these circles, but only spend 5-10 min on each, and try to base them on a word. So for shits and giggles i would like suggestions. Pretty much any noun, or adjective even.
if anyone else wants to do this too it could be cool…or not.


here’s blanks for you guys if you’re interested.


Do a squid. :slight_smile:

This is a very good idea, btw.

i added some suggestions from people on some other forums.

old tennis ball
new tennis ball



Pus…* I mean a moon.

Make Earth

Quick! Do a Voltorb or Electrode! Or a Pokeball even!

i’ll do them all!!! ha ha ha…but they don’t have to be round objects either…you could say “wood, glass, rusty metal…etc”

either a boob or marble. eye of a tiger?


Edge from Rival Schools/Project Justice!!


Did 2 quick ones a Grape and Sky shot.

here’s blanks if you want.


ok, i’ve been taking suggestions from another forum as well so i have added
Boob um it’s a MALE boob so it’s ok…


interesting thread rabid! i’m joinin in. i might do like a dragonball or something cheesy.

I made these last night but didn’t get a chance to post them before I passed out.

I’ll do more, but not 'till later.

Kinda reminds me of like pogs or something.

Pretty cool idea, but I have been looking at the 2nd one on the first sheet you did for afew minutes now…what was the word for that one?