Lets Play videos, among other things may make you a criminal with Senate Bill

It seems streaming content is not only going to earn you some jail time, but even stuff such as making Lets Play videos, or fan made music videos [AMVs included]

Obviously a BS bill and will only trigger war and chaos if it passes

I highly doubt its going to pass.

Potentially capable of breaking a significant part of the online gaming community if it passes, IMO

Didn’t Ultradavid do an article on this already?

yea. Days ago.

Hooray. Let’s take our already outmoded and questionably justifiable copyright laws and make them needlessly Draconian to boot.

I mean, come on. How are Capcom employees supposed to put their kids through college if Evo match videos keep taking money out of their pockets?

Guess they’ll try and find any reason to throw your ass in jail.

Seriously, is keeping tabs on Sonic let’s plays and people uploading Jersey Shore the best use of the government’s time?

Federal agents need to protect our fragile, innocent worldwide multimedia conglomerates from the brazen and destructive criminality of kids who upload 3rd generation clip collages of Family Guy and make AMVs out of Linkin Park songs.

Please, think of the children!