Lets kill the strategy section!

If I want to make a thread to help Marvel players out, or to discuss the 3rd Strike tiers or the coolest plays in CvS2, I have to post on the strategy section.

The strategy section is very nice nad organized, but it has a huge problem that, IMO, spreads the community. It brings the players apart.

Lets be real now, Nobody reads the entire forum. I read FGC, which is so cool, and take some pics at the Marvel section, since I play Marvel.

Since I don’t play 3rd Strike, I never evere get any reason to get any interest in 3rd Strike because nothing there will ever be able to catch my curiosity. And why is that? Simply because I will not click at the 3rd Strike strategy section.

A guy who does not play Marvel will never ever click on the MvC2 strat section too, and it os teh same for most games, and the majority of srk.

Do you see what I am getting at? Marvel players get no exposure to cool 3rd Strike stuff, so they grow more and more appart form the other fighting game communities. And the same happens fopr 3rd Strikers, GGers and so on.

Now imagine if everything (besides character specific sections) falls right here, on FGD.

FGD would grow bigger, of course, but probably not as big as GD, and they don’t have any problemas there.

If you want to look for something specific, all the character specific sections would still be right there.

But the general strategy topics would all fit right here. Just by browsing outo of curiosity, we would end up learning matchups or whatever cool stuff is in discussion for each game. 3S players could invade Marvel therads and ask questions. MvC2 players could go to CvS2 thread out of the blue, just for the heck of it, and get some interest in the game.

More than that, its a bigger incentive for top players to sahre their views. Some top players may not want to open a Q &A thread on the almost dead Marvel general strategy section, but here the thread would be something amazing, recahing current Marvel players, prospect marvel players, and much more. And Marvel of course is just an example.

I am pretty tired right now, and I am sure I could phrase it better, but the general idea is pretty clear:

To make our community stronger, we need more cross-gaming. To get more cross-gaming, we need to be able to discuss the games here.

I understand this idea is pretty out there, but I ask you (especially the mods) to give it some careful thought. Maybe even test it for a month or so and see what happens. I believe SRK community can get much better and bigger this way.

Well, there you have my 2 cents.

You’re crazy.

A little bit too extremeist,but I do agree that we need a place(An active forum)where prospect Marvel players can talk and ask pro’s about different shit and stuff like that.

maybe a different forum all together…

Strategy forums are for the most part drama-free. I think that’s worth maintaining, for those people who want organized info without the colorful language.

If you want to make a thread in FGD for every game that anyone cares about, feel free to do that. You know, if you love SFA3, make sure that there is one active SFA3-related thread in FGD at all times. But bringing all the strategy stuff into the open discussion forum is not an elegant solution by any means.

I suggest getting a new website all if we are looking for something with exclusive Marvel help.If Guilty Gear has their own shit(dustloop.com)I son’t see why we couldn’t have our own.



Oh snapz, Marvel is breakin’ away from SRK! :looney:

I like the Strategy Forums. They’re nice and organized and don’t clutter FGD.

i think that fighting game discussion have to merge with the other game strategy section

Biolink: That’s the exact opposite of what i think power333 was suggesting. His problem is that the community is already too segmented, because (for example) the hardcore 3S players barely ever click on the MvC2 strat forums. It’s a valid concern, but i don’t think that turning FGD into a clusterfuck of random three-post “help me beat Amingo” threads will solve that problem.

“Whats Ken’s most damaging cancel off of level 2 shoryureppa in the corner?”

“This is the 3s ken thread, the cvs2 Ken thread is (link).”

Poor guy. Would have never gotten a reply if he posted in the mvc2 Ken thread :x

If people who don’t play marvel want to learn about marvel, they will go through the 2 extra clicks to get to the marvel section. I personally think it would be a pain in the ass trying to navigate through every fighting game when I only care about 3s. The answer to getting people to try new games is not to cram them down their throats

pherai - I disagree, as you can see. I will try and show by example. I don’t think anybody here likes to go Googling for the latest Britney Spears new. But if she appears bald headed throwing a bat into someone in the first page of Yahoo, come people will click to see what the fuss is all about. Its all abou accessibility. As I said, I don’t have the slightest interest to browse the 3rd Strike forums, but if the title of some thread catches my attention here, and delas with 3S, I may read it and start to develop new interest on the game.

Majestros caught the idea and improved on it. The idea is not to separate the players of different fighting games, but to unite them. I like his idea of allowing some thread about specific games here, but I think that right now the mods would move them.
A few big, more general threads abut the big games would be nice here.

The best example is really Dark Geese. Imagine if SRK had a SNK section and DG was obliged to start his thread there. Almost nobody would give a damn. But since the thread is always up here, even people who never played SNK games before check it every now and then (like myself) and many started playing those games as well.

Wiki part needs some lovin’

reminds me of what happened at guardcrush.net

The real thing is that most people only pay attention to their local area thread. I know that unless I’m bored, I ain’t gonna post or even read here. In fact, the only reason I’ve been in FG recently, was cause of my Is XvSF playable? thread.

But I made that thread for similar reasons. I didn’t actually care to know if XvSF was competitively viable or not. I already know it is. All I really wanted to do was create a thread, make some discussion and hype the shit out of that game. It worked splendidly. Sort of. Nobody really gave two shits about it, until all the XvSF players who never frequent FG were linked by a third party. I’m not sure when MMDS or Dog-face would have found the thread if it weren’t for Shiro hyping the shit out of it.

So really, Majestros has the right idea. If you want a game to become more popular you’ve got to make 1 thread in here concerning it, and then keep it active. That’s why I think people started giving two shits less about ST. NKI’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo in the House thread died due to the creation of the strat forum. I actually really miss it. While having a strat thread is cool, having 1 thread I can read up on every other day is much easier to handle. So much so, that I actually don’t pay attention to ST anymore.

Could just be people though. Most people only play games for which there is competition (that’s the number 1 reason to learn a game). And so if locally, there’s 3s MVC2 and CVS2, people are gonna be more inclined to learn the game. Similarly, since XvSF is being hyped with multiple tournaments locally, there’s been an increased interest in the XvSF strat thread locally. However, since there’s no comp at all for ST, KOF 98, KOF 2k2, KOF XI, HF, A3, A2, MVC1 etc. I don’t have any incentive to give a flying fuck about a thread for it. Even if there was a thread for it and I did read it, I still wouldn’t play the game, cause there’s no comp.

Man I think I just rambled on without any real points, so I’m gonna stop.

Reading a story about britney spears is way different than learning a new fg. A few intermingled threads is not going to inspire anyone to dedicate the dozens of hours it takes to learn a new fg. Like I said, if anyone is really interested in spending all that time it takes to learn a new fighting game, they will go through the 2 extra clicks. How do you know if there was a general SNK section around the specific 3s and marvel sections that no one would read it? There are lots of very active threads in the Other Games forum (http://forums.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=4) which obviously isn’t mixed in with FGD.

Your intentions are good, but I have a hard time finding things in character specific forums for specific games already. I’d really prefer it to not become more jumbled together.

Pherai -

This is not for “interested” people. Whoever si interested will look for stuff and we don’t need to worry about them.

But, in the same way that people don’t get interested out of the blue ina new toothbrush, they also don’t get interested out of the blue in CvS2, for instance

I don’t know anybody that feels the same way you do. As an example, I will never ever ever commit myself to spend tens or hundreds of hours playing a game that I have never played and one that I have no interest at the start.

What a thread like Dark Geese’s or the NKI example posted by CallmeaNewb can do is make me TRY a new game. Once I try it, and I have NKI, DG or whoever to make me see what’s nice about the game, then I may or may not start playing more and more to the point of competing in tourneys and what not.

And this is not a theory. Dark Geese’s thread is the perfect example.

But don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to kill the specific character secions. They are good for reserach and all that. My idea is to kill the general strategy sections. They’re barely read and are all over the place anyway. Why not get good MvC2 or #S threads appear here? Srk and Super Turbo succeeded this way, IMO.

CallmeaNewb - Agreed.

Of course the debate itself can generate ideas much better than mine. Majestros had a great point. Mods could allow topics for specific games here. Maybe a topic asking for tips and strats would have to go to strategy, but topics for teaching, discussing tiers/matchups and all that nice stuff that would run over 50 pages of good debate on old srk could be here.

See my low tier thread. If it were only about Marvel, it would get 5 responses in teh strategy section, I think. Here it made a small impact

the future is In-depth videos highlighting aspects of different match-ups, 3s community put out a couple tutorials, then magnetro put out his sim and magnus guides, i think thats the most effective way to get tactics out there, it’s too spread out over an entire forum and most of the strategy threads don’t cover actual strategy/priority/hitbox issues. A video is the simplest way to highlight each character. magnetro is beasting with another tutorial video and i’m trying to help him out a bit too. each section has it’s own place imo, smaller things like tricks and set-ups usually filter into the character specific sections, nothing worth messing with imo, just be glad we have people like them who want to help out all the lazy players.

I’ve been posting in S&T for a really long time, it was way worse before when i had to read about stupid shit instead of being able to focus purely on what i set out to learn. Why the hell do i wanna read about cvs2?? Stanky threads about chang all up in my way of learning a game i actually like, thats not going to encourage me to like the game any more…

let it be and wait on new vids:lovin:

If all the threads in here are so successful, why delete the general strategy forums for other games? I read the 3s general strategy forums often, and I read FGD. Just keep posting your threads that you want to get attention to here. The example about the ST thread just shows that the people posting there are just generating empty hype. If they were really interested in learning and getting better at the game, why does it make a difference where the information is organized on here? If people want to learn new games, they are probably reading FGD anyway. If they aren’t then integrating threads about games they like won’t change things. Think whatever you want, but for me, if something like this was done, I would just quit trying to discuss general 3s stuff.

join date, mang