Let's foprget stun for a moment: which is more damaging?

Okay, I’m a noob, and I just can’t pull off the SA2 double fukiage 100% stun combo just yet. I have to ask for damamge, however, which is better? The 100% stun combo, a karakusa-HPxSA2 into a sj air axe kick - double hayate… or karakusa to HPxSA2x dash - single fukiage and then a standing HP (I can usually pull off a standing strong dp and do a standing HP after it… just can’t kara cancel yet)?

So, for damamge sake, which of these is the best option?

I belive karakusa-HPxSA2 into a sj air axe kick - double hayate do more damage

Go to practice mode, turn on attack data and see for yourself.

And if you’re a noob, for the love of god don’t start off by learning the 100% stun combo. Its quite difficult. You rarely see that combo even in professional vids.

No such thing, I’m playing the arcade version. If you read, I’m not bothering with the 100%… I can do very easily everything I described. Just wanted to know which was better.

As for 3rd strike, thanks for the answer bud.

Just got done playing Makoto vs Makoto matches, and double hayate easily wins the power contest. If I could just pull off the true 100% stun. I can do the basterdized double fukiage with the second one being an EX version, but that (of course) doesn’t do as much stun.

I just can NOT get kara cancels off. Never in my long history of playing fighters have I ever had to/known about do this type of move. It’s tough teaching an old dog new tricks.

if you are learning makoto right now i would HIGHLY advise against you play mirror matches…it’s hard to learn from those with makoto.

From my notes:

Karakusa, HP xx SA2, MP fukiage, HP = 66 dmg
Karakusa, HP xx SA2, MP fukiage sjc. HP = 68 dmg
Karakusa, HP xx SA2 sjc. MK tsurugi, MP hayate = 68 dmg

Tested on Ryu. Too bad I can’t do the double hayate finisher on the other combo, but as it does as much damage with only one hayate as the fukiage sjc hp finisher, it surely does more with two. Not much though but still.

Makoto is a bish. :lol: