Let's draw each other

This is basically inspired by a thread on Something Awful’s art board that really should’ve been done here at least once. Basically, the goal is to draw the artist before you with the picture that he or she provides. Since I’m starting things off, I asked fellow artist ViciousSLASH to provide a picture.


I drew this.

Now, let me begin by posting my picture.

Feel free to draw either VSLASH or myself, and afterward provide your own picture.

Ready? Steady? GO!

haha. this thread has potential… stickied :smiley:

thread does to bad i dont have any at drawings

if it coutns i already posted in that sa thread


alright, I drew mr. bowling pin. I noticed you had a rei figure in your had so I decided to play around with that idea. enjoy…or…maybe not.

and a pic of me:


That drawing is truly disturbing, Scumgale.

Hehe, I haven’t posted in a long time, but Grapplerific told me me that MGS was nominated for the next challenge, so I popped back in to vote for it, and I noticed this thread. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting with caricature lately, so I thought I’d contribute. I had some difficulty with scumgale’s, because of the the extreme expression he has on the photo, it was hard to get a feel for what he looked like for real.


Here’s me:


Wow, your stuff is great chain!

I glad you liked the picture…I think. its hard to dress a guy up as rei and still make it dripping with loli. would the bandages have made it more convincing?

This thread is great.





I drew this on my laptop with the touch pad so it looks extremely wack…

:wonder: I wouldn’t have it any other way:

Umm… here’s me (I’m the dork in the middle with the bandanna):


:looney: Have at you… dood!

lol, what’s with the cowboy hat?

:rofl: I was watching Walker Texas Ranger when I was drawing your pic… dood.

best picture ever

this thread is gold. i might participate a lil later.


My shot at drawing the DOOD!

It came out kinda evil…but wasn’t intended. I call it “Yeah Dood? No DOOD!”

Edit: Okay, here’s me. Sorry its so small [this sounds like prom night all over again…] but I had to crop it out of a group pic. It’s the only one I got on my computer at the moment [no bullshit]. I’m the dude smiling…:wonder:

Those dudes behind Vslash are hilarious

Alright, don’t blame me, i suck at drawing :lol:



Had some trouble with the nose, couldn’t see well on the pic you provided ^^
And i’m not too happy with it…couldn’t make it really look like you…oh well.

Here’s a pic of me:



LoL. It looks like I ran into a wall face first. But I’m diggin’ it. :tup: I should’ve provided that one pic I have up in the SHOW YOURSELF thread. I’ll do it later on I guess.

This thread needs more hype! :hype:

Nice pose bro. :lol:

Heh ^^ sry !
If you provide another one i’ll give it another shot(i suck at drawing, but i might get better if i train trying to draw some guys here ! :wgrin: ).
Btw i just noticed this

About my pic: i usually make up silly poses / faces on pics, dunno why, i think it’s because i like looking silly :lol: