LET’S FIGHT LIKE GENTLEMEN Marvel vs Capcom 3 (and more!) - Azusa, CA - SAT 02/26/11

What: Singles tournaments for:
A) Marvel vs Capcom 3
B) Super Street Fighter IV
C) HD Remix
D) 3rd Strike
E) Tekken 6

When: Saturday afternoon, February 26th. We will start registration at 12:00PM, and aim to get the party started by 1:00 PM.

857 S Lark Ellen Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

Check the Google Map link here: Google Maps

Entry fee: $7 ($5 prize pool + $2 venue)
64 players max
Best 2 of 3 games

Entry fee: $7 ($5 prize pool + $2 venue)
64 players max
Best 2 of 3 games

SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 “Mr. Random Select” Contest
Entry Fee: $10 ($9 + $1 venue)
Best 2 of 3 games

HD REMIX Singles
Entry Fee: $5 ($4 + $1 venue)
Best 2 of 3 games
Character Banned: Akuma

Entry Fee: $5 ($4 + $1 venue)
Best 2 of 3 games
Character Banned: Gill

Entry Fee: $5 ($4 + $1 venue)
3-character Team Battle
Best 2 of 3 games

Event Rules and Format:

  • Multiple Xbox 360 setups will be available. Players will be responsible for bringing appropriate adapters and controllers and joysticks. Wired is preferred.

  • Pausing during a round may result in that player losing that round. With the guidance of the referee, players may choose to resolve the issue.

  • Winner must stick with his character(s). Loser of a Game may switch character(s).

  • Any type of threats or violence in the venue will not be tolerated.

  • Once a person pays for the tournament and the tournament has started, there will be no refunds.

  • Any type of inappropriate behavior or misconduct (such as cussing or taunting, acting in a violent manner towards patrons and/or volunteers) will not be tolerated.

Payout: 70%, 20%, and 10% distribution of prize pool to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. Thanks for your time and attention.

Sign Ups

Signed up so far for MvC3:

  1. BeeJayisCool
  2. DIZeLAN Jappy
  3. Blaqmagik
  4. Turkey
  5. Grimtheflame
  6. Jumpy iz Beast
  7. xTOMAx
  8. DJ Vest
  9. Real Rubillionaire
  10. Pinnochio
  11. camsteh
  12. Slayerdw
  13. DASH
  14. Floatin Sneaker
  15. MC-Los
  16. Arteris12
  17. BoTBoT
  18. TheTofuShop

Signed up so far for SSF4 Singles:

  1. BeeJayisCool
  2. TommyD
  3. KBZero
  4. Turkey
  5. DJ Vest
  6. xTOMAx
  8. Arteris12
  9. TheTofuShop

Signed up so far for SSFIV “Mr. Random Select”:

  1. DIZeLAN Toxic
  2. BeeJayisCool
  3. DJ Vest
  4. KBZero

Signed up so far for Tekken 6:

  1. Blaqmagik
  2. DIZeLAN Toxic
  3. Pinnochio
  4. Arteris12

Signed up so far for 3rd Strike:

  1. DASH

Signed up so far for Marvel vs Capcom 2:

  1. Real Rubillionaire
  2. Jumpy iz Beast

Signed up so far for HD Remix:


6 games wow…

Thats a lot of games, can you guys accommodate that space?

We should be good. We’ll have more copies of MvC3 and SSF4 than usual on-site from the local fighting game fans. We’ve got HD Remix, Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, and Tekken 6 in the library.

rsvp for mvc3, random select ssf4, and ssf4 you should have mvc2 as well in replacement for 3rd strike…

If u do add Mvc2 instead put it on the dream cast. I’ll bring it. Mvc3 i might show up for this, since i know ahead of time

Hi, Please sign me up for tekken 6 and mvc3.

Do you guys provide TE sticks to play with? I don’t have my own stick.

We carry MvC2 on both Dreamcast and X360.

I’ll be there for MVC3. Good thing I still have my 360 fight pad.

PM sent

Wait so do you guys provide arcade sticks? I don’t have any controllers.

@camsteh - Added you to the signups.

@Dark Gaiden - Message received and read. I sent a reply, but the system is telling me that your inbox is full. I’ll keep trying.

@Pinnochio - Yes, we have TE arcade sticks that we can loan to you during the event.

sign me up might bring 3 other people.

Sign me up for MvC3 and 3rd strike please.


Sounds good

Sign me up for SSF4 singles and HD Remix.

Sign me for marvel 3 please

Updated the signups with Floatin Sneaker, Arteris12, Slayerdw, DASH, DJANGOGRELA, & MC-Los.

I’ll be there for MvC3 and SSF4 Singles. thanks for running the tourney!

Curious about standard tournament procedure for character selection in Marvel

When a bunch of us were watching and re-watching the Wednesday Night Fights footage from 02/16/2011, I noticed that those who lost a game did not change characters or reorganize their teams. Is this how things were done with MvC2? Are you supposed to lock-in a team, or are character changes allowed?

On a side note, if we are unable to attain an 8-player minimum for the side tournaments, then we may not run them. But if you have friends with an affinity for these games (SSF4 Random, HDR, 3rd Strike, T6, or MvC2) please inform them and encourage them to participate. Nonetheless, the games will be available for casuals.

If you were active in Tatsunoko vs Capcom tournaments last year, please do contact me via PM. I would very much like to showcase the game in future events.

For those HDR players who may be interested, we were contacted about the possibility of featuring SSF2T in the future. From what I’ve been told, there’s been a resurgence of popularity.

@TheTofuShop - You’re welcome!