Less expensive JLF silent mod?

If I have a standard JLF with PCB-mounted microswitches, is there a cheaper alternative to buying a $60 silent JLF to achieve the same quieter operation?

Yes, buy your standard JLF and then buy 4 OMRON D2RV-LG Reed Microswitches

You also want a harness adapter to connect your microswitches to the existing microswitch harness

Whoa those microswitches are $7+ a pop! Might cost the same to buy a silent JLF and sell my standard JLF.

Thanks for the info!

They are the same switches the silent JLF uses. Most of the cost comes from the switch.

I failed to notice the first time but here is the kit for the mod, its slightly cheaper than buying th parts seprately.

Am alternative is its not as silent but there be definitely less noise is to use Zippy or Cherry switches



Going a slightly different route, the optical Spark CE from Toodles is $55, which is still slightly cheaper than spending $60 for a Silent JLF.
You don’t get a full second joystick, though, but if cost is the only limiting factor, and you don’t need a second lever assembly for anything else, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Cheapest option is ear plugs

I often see the Silent JLF around $45 I think at Arcadeshock around tournament time, EVO is soon so my guess is they might have some sort of sale again?

As an alternative you could install an optical (which is completely silent) PCB. Gamerfinger makes an excellent one and can be found here for $30 -

I installed an optical PCB on my TE2+ and absolutely love it! Plus without micro-switches moving to eventually wear out, the optical will last a lot longer

Hope this Isent off subject but does anyone know if the toodles spark 's when in LS or RS mode registers anologe signals from 0 (neutral) to 100 (full throw)? So basically if your joystick is not 100 % maxed out (fully thrown), it Wil ok register the anologe values at say 20% like most standard controllers anologe sticks. I would like to find something that tweens the value not strate to 100% when the joystick passes the point of neutral to activated. I play a lot of legacy games that use anologe values and it would be great to find a product that is registers by sensitvity values and not strate to full anologe values.

Your only option is basically padhacking at this point. Grabbing an analog joystick is up to you. I know @TheBlackHombre has a Smash Bros. stick that does what you want, so I’m sure he can guide you to where to get help on it, along with pics on the insides of his Smash Bros stick to do so.

I know a guy (RDC) who makes digital to anologe converters but there are a lot of dead zones in his code. I use to use them in swapping out d pads for a Nintendo 3d’s slider. Maybe I can contract him to make a digital to anologe converter that will work with the optical spark.I’m by no means a programmer but I do know a lot of talented programmers that might be willing to make this happen. Maybe I’ll contract some of my programming buddies and try to make an opensourse for this. I’m sure a lot of pair could benefit from such a project. I’m must say though u did peak my inteest with your suggestion. I’m willing to throw down some cash though to see if I can’t make a digital to anologe converter that can be toggled on/off with DPDT switch!

Does your friend make jlf analog conversions? I’m highly interested in seeing this if so. I’ve been working on something similar myself, I have a some irl engineer friends helping me make it currently. I’d be willing to throw my help into this.

To answer your question, afaik toodles pcb won’t actually register any analog input for LS directions. The PCB itself only allows digital input but analog input could theoretically be possible if someone could hack it. I asked toodles about this slightly over 2 years ago and he said he wouldn’t have any interest in hacking it himself.

I use a 16 pin chip that converts the digital signals to anologe but from up down left right in between the two is a very slim gap where it registers both Lx and ly movements. Installations fairly easy u just tie your d pad signals to the microchip the solder the inputs from other pins to your joystick. I know i can convert the d pad signals to anologe but ist pretty sloppy considering the deadzones. I’m sure I can get RDC to make me something compatible with the spark from my friend RDC or my other friend Seth from sethmods. Basically I’ll have to buy the spark ce then donate to my friends then let them tweek the codes on a microchip that can register real anologe vales. I’ll on my friends and get back to u to see what kind of possibilities of any they can work!

The toodles spark is either on, or off, ie 0 or 100, nothing in between. This stick would probably suit your needs. I have never used it, so buy at your own risk


That stick won’t work, it’s not compatible with pad hacks because it’s USB. Best analog joystick someone can use is the analog joystick from suzo happ or a seimitsu ls-64. The option to use a 49-way joystick is there as well, but I don’t see it being worth the trouble.

It could work if you wrote your own controller for it that converted the usb data to separate signals. This would involve skills building a board, as well as some programming skills. In fact it might even need its own power source as well if you want to run it on top of another console board. Probably not reasonable for most people, but it is technically possible. I do see your point though.