Lenkeng LKV385 HDMI to VGA and 3.5mm audio converter


From what I understood, this thing does about the same job as the HdFury and can be found at around 40 usd. Has anybody experienced this converter ? Does it perform equally as good as a HdFury ?

Thanks already for the answers.

I personally haven’t used this converter but considering that you’re converting a digital signal (HDMI) to an analog signal (VGA), using one of these converters is definitely going to introduce some lag. Even the HD Box Pro, which converts analog YPbPr signals to VGA is confirmed to have 2 frames of lag, and that’s analog to analog. To this date, I think the only lagless converter solutions are from the HDFury line.

The HD box pro effectively lags, but this may be due to the upscaling process.
The Lenkeng, like the HDfury doesn’t upscale nor downscale, it simply converts from hdmi to vga.
It may not be as good as the costly HDfury whose quality was already confirmed, but I doubt it would score far behind.

I can’t cite any sources cause I don’t remember where I saw the post, but I’m 100% sure that the 2 frames of lag thing refers to using HD box pro without any scaling.

Back to the OP: Now that I think about it, if the Lengkeng is cheap, I say go for it. Who knows, maybe it will fit your individual needs without you having to break the bank on an HDfury.

If you want answers either search or post your question here http://shmups.system11.org/viewforum.php?f=6 They will have an answer they know their shit on video processing