Length of Vewlix cp?

Hey, I have been trying to find out how long the vewlix metal control panels are (not the whole thing just the metal cp). I thought they were the same length as the astro city style panels, but am not sure.

I believe that the lindbergh panels are longer than the vewlix, but am not sure if the lindbergh are the same size as the astro city or longer.

If someone knows and could post it would be a lot of help.


Try to find SteveTren. I believe that he has some Vewlix Panels for sale in the trading outlet. He could probably measure it if you axe him nicely.

pm box is full I think. Wanted to pick one of those up if he still has them.

In case anyone else is interested I found this on TMO’s photobucket page.

Tim Norris uploaded this image to