Leicester England SF4 Community?

Hey guys, just wandering if there’s any SF4 Leicester players out there! Nothing really happens in Leicester (to do with gaming anyway) so I thought id make this forum to see how many people actually play at a pro or decent level of fighting games in Leicester. It would be a good idea if we all add each other on PSN and make a chat room and see how many of us there is. Leicester Endless battles! Thanks…!!!

Name: ShinyMaster
Region: Leicester, U.K.
PSN ID: EvilRyu8
Main: Vega, Dee Jay

The best place for UK players in on Neo Empire. Check their regional match finder forum here :


The forums seem like they’re essentially dead, is this really the largest SF4 community the UK has to offer?

Yes it is ! They do a lot of ranking batlle on a weekly basis.

Check out their channel here :

if anyones still interested, im trying to grow the FGC in leicester and have an event that will start on April 4th 2012, and hopefully grow into a weekly tournament event. i just started the face book page with more info to follow but if your interested join my page at https://www.facebook.com/LeicesterBarcade all skill levels are welcome, money matches are encouraged :wink:

I was just about to post Barfights on here…good job i came across this post xD

Next weeks BarFights event is up: https://www.facebook.com/events/378448828854397/

and here: [Jan 16, 2013] [Apr 11, 2012] BarFight Weekly (Leicester, England, U.K.) (LE1 6bu)