Legitimatly thinking of switching to dan or using him as a 2nd main

I’ve been maining balrog for a long time now and I wanna spice things up and get used to a different play style.

What should I expecting moving from a higher tier character to well…dan tier?

He’s a pure rushdown character with rushdown tools that are rendered obsolete by half of the roster and are still risk-laden mixups against the other half. His saving graces are his wakeup and corner games, which are substantial. The tougher matchups are entirely “Guess and Punish” and require epic level spacing, Focus Attacking and proper use of Dankukyaku on your part. You are given nothing and are expected to fight people with nigh-insurmountably broken abilities in comparison.

On the bright side, you have four kinds of taunts.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Dan is a character that requires nothing but dedication. His arsenal is small, but very effective. The Dankyaku will become your bread and butter, along with taunting. Taunting is the key to winning a match; even if you lose, you win.

I would add more, but anything else would be repetitive of what Krackatoa already mentioned.

Just do it. You won’t want to go back. I play Sakura and started messing with Dan, and I keep playing Dan more and more.

Dan doesn’t have to work with much, which can be a downside. But on the plus side, its not a whole lot to commit to memory.

Watch some Dan combo vids and learn to FADC to get the most out of his rushdown.

I am having the WORST problem against shoto characters

trying hard to keep pressure but they zone too muuuuchh

I’d rather lose with Dan than win with Ryu.

And you can substitute any character for “Ryu” in that statement.

Shoto’s tend to be a little difficult. First, you have to deal with the constant Hadoukens and the zoning games. Then, you have to worry about jumping in and wake up SRK’s. Your best bet would be to charge in from the get go. Try to get in and stay there. Try and get them to wake up SRK and punish. I can’t tell you how many Shoto’s I have fought that never learn from their mistakes.

Know thy enemy. Focus attacks on wake-up that are just outside of the range of your opponents SRK can be used to bait out a terrific whiff-punish opportunity. If they are the type that prefer to use the hurricane kick then dash back and knee them in the face or go for a Koryuken. If they try to zone you into jumping over a fire-ball only to sweep you as you land bait them into doing so when you have Ultra and perform the Ultra command while you are in the air. If you are far enough away you should be safe from the sweep and they will eat Dan’s Ultra.

ive been playing Dan in g1 for about an hour now haha

ive gotten about 20 losses and 2 or 3 wins. These guys don’t slip up often

Learn his FADC combos. Avoid wakeup Koryukens if you don’t have two meters to burn on a FADC. Abuse LK Danku strings when you can. Tick-throw. Learn when it’s a good time to Focus and when to bait. Approach with EX Dankus > Dashback > EX Dankus. It’s all these little tricks Dan has to know to get in his opponent’s face.

You also have to literally predict what your opponent will do and act accordingly, even if it means risking damage.

Might I also recommend watching Hibiki-san’s videos. I’ve learned so much from just watching him play.

Terror’s spot on, those videos are a great resource on how to play Dan.

I manage to win some games because of Hibiki-san. AND russeldan’s epic Dan short videos (taunt->grab, whiff MK danku->grab on waking up oppenent FTW)

edit: I also main Boxer btw. Switching to the two fun characters (IMO) Dan and Rufus.

This. If you’re going to main Dan for god’s sake don’t take the game too seriously and expect to lose more than you win. It’s fun playing an underdog character, particularly when you start beating your friends and they begin to make claims that Dan is actually balanced and as good as Ryu/Ken. No, no he isn’t, I’m just better than you are :arazz:

Chou yoyusu :tup:



I just pulled off my first Dan perfect against a G1 sakura player

this has made my week and the 100GP ive lost in the past 24 hours worth it

I wish I was in G1. Then again, I haven’t really been playing any ranked matches.